Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 6 [Wait…Now the BROTHER Is In On It?]

At this point I have to just say, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this show? It’s like the guy who wrote this was a fat guy and had some weird creepy fetish about a young pretty girl stalking him and wanting his children regardless of his own personal feelings. This would only work as a premise if it was a horror show. But it’s not. This is meant to be played off as comical and light hearted. Spoiler. It’s not. It’s still fucking creepy. And in this episode, they feel that since they added the brother, it becomes less creepy. No. No it doesn’t. Fuck you show. (Sigh) whatever. Let’s just go.

So the episode starts up with the brother wondering why his sister likes the fat guy. He thinks that maybe he put the charm on her and he wants to prove to her that he’s really a dog and will show her at the upcoming company barbecue.

dude, that guy couldn't flirt ice off an eskimo.
dude, that guy couldn’t flirt ice off an eskimo.

At first the brother acts really nice to the other coworkers, but then proceeds to (rubs temple) dress up as a girl and get the fat guy to grope him to prove to his sister that men are pigs.

Fucking christ. Really?
Fucking christ. Really?

However the fat guy immediately knows it’s the brother by his voice and that’s when the other coworkers show up and see the scene. They think that they’re both gay for each other and the brother accuses him of this, saying he was blushing when he touched him.

The reason this happened was… i…i just…do i really have to type this? Pfffffffff. Fine. The reason he blushed was because he filled his bra with those marshmallows he likes.


(bashes head on laptop)
(bashes head on laptop)

Immediately after this, the brother apologizes saying he was wrong, but then immediately jumps on the sister x fat guy bandwagon and says that he’s going to call the fat guy “brother” because of how close he is with his sister. And of course the sister approves of this. Because this whole family is creepy. I mean, why bother ASKING the guy how he feels. No no. Fuck that. Let’s have this family conspire to get this poor guy to forcibly be with the creepy yandere chick without asking his opinion on the matter.

And the episode ends with the brother accidentally kissing the fat guy. (no. No i’m not looking up that screenshot again to post it here. It will already haunt my nightmares.)

Look. This show already went from campy, to stupid, to creepy, until finally, it’s just insulting. There is NOTHING enjoyable about this show. I wish I would say that the main woman doesn’t scare the hell out of me, but she does. I thought maybe the brother would be less creepy, but he crossdresses to get the guy his sister likes to molest him. Nope, can’t say I like him very much either.

I see that crazy runs in the family
I see that crazy runs in the family

This show isn’t funny. At all. This is like watching a declassified case study on a stalker you’d see on like the BIO channel or something. I don’t get how this is supposed to be charming. Is it SUPPOSED to be creepy? Is that the vibe they’re going for? unnerving? horrifying? Because they CAN’T be going for funny or cute. They can’t be. There’s NOTHING remotely like that here. Every episode I watch of this show just descends me further into madness. If this thing wasn’t 3 minutes apiece I would have dropped it long ago. I just…it’s like watching a train wreck. I just…I can’t look away…I….It’s so insulting. It’s so stupid…it’s so bad….I just….I……Why does this exist?

Episode 2/10


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  1. Yeah this ep was kinda bad never really liked the crossdressing in anime hated it when yukiatsu from anohana hated it last season in that one teacher show and it was stupid here as well

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