Show By Rock!! # Episode 10: Solitude of Judgement

I’m not surprised in the slightest that Aion and Ailane are related. I always saw the similarity in their appearances and I did wonder whether they were related or not. To see that they are was fun for me because I was right, but maybe because we never got much of Aion’s background that again this kind of came out of left field?

Though I was wrong in thinking that the Queen of Darkness was Ailane’s mother.

Look at her!

The Queen of Darkness, or her real name Victorious, finally reveals herself to everyone (I laughed at ARC’s tiny moment) and her plans to do her evil deeds on the day of the grand opening of Puru Land, like it was predicted by Ninjinriot. Victorious basically sucks up the monster and escapes, leaving Dagger flabbergasted. Maple goes over to Dagger and asks for a truce, so they can combine their forces and save their planet. Dagger agrees and they go out for drinks (where Dagger has to use a straw).

I don’t think I mentioned this before but I love Victorious’ design!

horriblesubs-show-by-rock-s2-10-1080p-mkv0042But the plot of this episode was the reveal that Ailane and Aion are related, and we learn their story through Ailane. They’re both from a very wealthy family and Aion was the next successor of the family, so he was forced to learn whatever he needed to learn. But he hated it and his main passion was music. Ailane loved his music and she learned to love music because of him. But Aion made it clear that he didn’t want to become the family successor and his family kicked him out. Ailane was upset her brother had to leave, and so the pressures of family successor was passed on to her. That’s when Peipain and Hundreko came into her life. That’s also when the whole Little Miss Darkness thing started too. So DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Aion feels bad for leaving her and all that and tears are shed, and the Crimson boys did their best to cheer him up.

But it all ends really cutely and happily. They both have a heart to heart talk and Ailane compliments his band’s performance and says she’ll continue to make music with her own band. While leaving on the train to her family so she can explain the situation, Ailane yells an “I love you!” and all is sparkly and well.

In the end we see Tsurezure in the pretty Melodisian cavern, and then we switch over to BRR and learn that all three of the bands are going to perform in the grand opening of Puru Land. Until Grateful King barges in and joins the fray!

A fine episode. I’m glad we got to learn about Ailane’s past, which also included Aion. Again, it was a little left field. I wish sometime before this big reveal we had gotten a hint about this sibling relationship from either Ailane or Aion. Would have made things make more sense.

Also, I want Aion to have short hair again. >:|

2 thoughts on “Show By Rock!! # Episode 10: Solitude of Judgement

  1. I hope that both Arcareafact and Bud Virgin Logic will also perform in the grand finale to probably power up the great Phantom Melodisian Almaz in order to defeat the Queen of Darkness.
    Also, it’s very sweet how Ailane actually does emulate her brother’s behavior and ticks. Prior to the reveal, I knew that one of Ailane’s favorite things to do is to lurk at very high places. I believed that this was because she loved to feel high and mighty and to look down on all the people. Turns out that she does that because her brother Aion used to lurk at high places to have his quiet and solitude away from his obligations and his overbearing father.

    1. Oh yes I would love that. I have a feeling that they might, along with Trichronika and Tsurezure, and maaaaybe some more bands. I hope Ninjinriot comes back in the final battle since they were the ones that even told everyone what would happen in the future.

      Wouldn’t it be cute if Ailane did the same pose thing that Aion does?

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