Why though? Why does she have to be like this? Why would you even like, do that? Like, hell, she didn’t even like approach him like a friend to show genuine concern.
Gah, whatever, ignoring the last minute of the episode once again using the female character to vaguely piss me off. This episode was generally brilliant. We open up with them discussing the live gig that Haruki set up for them through his friend. July 7th, at the small music venue that Mafuyu is part timing at.
The problem is at current though, they don’t have anything that isn’t strictly instrumental. Seeing as they hadn’t had a vocalist up to this point, so they need a song for Mafuyu. Lucky for them, Ritsuka was already writing one. So now they just need to finish it and practice it for the show. (and continue training Mafuyu so he can play guitar on stage.) The cute starstruck look on Mafuyu’s face as he looks at Ritsuka when they are talking about lyrical songs is amazing.

Honestly, seeing him smile and open up in this episode in general is a treat.
As he’s invited to go hang out with the other boys and play basketball since Ritsuka is passed out cold on his desk again. The way the other boys begin accepting him because of his basketball skills and the way he shines with happiness. I love it.

The other part of this episode that I love is the backstory of how the band formed in the first place. As well as a history on Haruki’s feelings for Akihiko.
They met in college, or, more accurate to say that Haruki saw him from a distance at college and it was love at first sight. I don’t think he expected anything to come from it though, at least, not at first. At the same time as this, the band he was in fell apart and he met Ritsuka. Ritsuka was fighting with his band mates, Haruki wanted to give him a place that he could be more free to express himself. However, you can’t make a band with just a bass player and a guitarist. If only they had a drummer, then he would ask Ritsuka to join his band.

When sat next to Ahihiko in class one day, he notices that he’s a drummer and the rest is history. They formed their band and are together now.
Unfortunately for Haruki though, his crush remains unrequited. He’s also a little superstitious and isn’t cutting his hair as sort of a prayer to be with Akihiko. What an absolute cutie!

Time passes, everything seems to be going well and everyone seems fairly happy. One day during art class, Ritsuka’s class has to pair up. The girl from last episode comes to sit with him and they begin drawing. That’s when she drops a few things on Ritsuka.
1. Mafuyu has had a boyfriend before
2. Mafuyu’s boyfriend killed himself and there are rumors that Mafuyu was part of the reason.

Now, I knew about his boyfriend from spoilers. So that’s not a huge surprise, so rather then being shocked by these revelations. I’m just annoyed at this girl, there is no reason for her to be approaching this situation like a bitch. Like, if she was generally concerned for Ritsuka. There are hundred other ways she could of handled this, the shading is even heavy on her. So she is meant to come across as a dark cloud, she’s honestly just stirring the pot because she’s jealous and it’s driving me nuts.

Ritsuka is obviously shaken by this news. So we’ll have to see how he responds to it and how he brings it up with Mafuyu moving foward.