With each new episode I am just finding more and more reasons to love Shamiko and Momo. I love Shamiko’s determination in trying to fulfill her destiny, but also the never-ending realization that she is probably the worst person to take on the task. These traits that I love about Shamiko are exaggerated  when put next to Momo, who is very calm and not as emotional as Shamiko. Their dynamic just brings be a smile each week and I don’t want anything to come between them!

Well…. except for maybe Ryoko, Shamiko’s cute little sister who is working diligently behind the scenes to become her sister’s tactician. So far, Ryoko hasn’t done a whole lot in the series, but I was glad to see her get an episode where she could interact with our two main girls. She has the same determination as her older sister, but she also has a very kind heart when it comes to her family. Watching both Shamiko and Momo dote on her this episode by giving her a camera and laptop just lifted my spirits and I hope the gifts are well used!

Aside from these cute girls continuing to do cute things, I found myself constantly laughing in this episode. From Shamiko straight up admitting that she is a helpless high school girl and having Ryoko say, without a beat, that she’s good at exaggerating stories, all the way to watching their mother dump an entire basin of water onto a laptop case. I knew there had to something that would keep the laptop safe and secure, but seeing how far ahead Momo thought and having it all actually play out was just fantastic. The bit with the dog was also fantastic as I had forgotten just how formidable his bark could be – especially for Shamiko. Granted, I don’t know if the dog will want to mess with her after she transformed into her crisis mode outfit. A classic outfit for someone fit to take down a magical girl and restore power to her family. Very practical. And while those last two sentences were sarcasm, I really do like how the anime points out that the outfit is ridiculous, not only by Shamiko but also by the dog owner and the dog! It’s one of those things where it was funny the first time someone pointed it out, but it was even funnier the second time when someone reacted to it. In that manner, I think this anime has that nailed down.

Lastly, I just want to talk about Momo and Shamiko being best friends, because it just makes me really happy. Sure, they are supposed to be mortal enemies, but how can you pick a side when these girls are the way they are? I mean, you can definitely have best girl…. but both girls are very good. So, watching Momo blush when Shamiko lied and called her a best friend had me quietly chanting “let them be best friends!!” in the background. It also just makes me think of the moment at the end of the opening where the two of them are sharing an umbrella and a snack while walking in the rain. It just makes me happy! And I hope you feel the same way too!

As I’ve said before, I hope we’ll finally meet mysterious orange girl in the next episode, but also I’ll make sure to pay more attention to Shamiko’s tail so I can get a read on her emotions! >:3c


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!