Ahiru no Sora – Episode 7

He’s Here!!!!!! We finally get a chance to meet our newest character, Kite, and man oh man he’s definitely going to liven things up. We’ve only known him for about a third of an episode, but he definitely made a grand appearance. Now that the rest of our cast of delinquents have slowly moved towards igniting their passion for Basketball a new delinquent enters the scene and you can bet that I’m just on the edge of my seat just dying to know more about him. And just…. //Lies on the ground …. Just what kind of character are you??

But let’s back up a bit and see what all led up to his arrival. We start out post Basketball game where Madoka carries Sora home on her back. And then hooooo boy we dove straight into back story. And one thing that I really like about this anime is how well they portray the emotions of the characters. Yeah, sometimes they seem over dramatic, but not all emotion is “soft” or held back. I love that they are able to let Sora express the “ugly” version of his emotions because it just really emphasizes who he is as a person and his relationships with others. I didn’t cry during the story that Sora’s grandmother told to Madoka, but I definitely had a lot of emotions during the first third of this episode.

We finally get to hear why Sora is unable to see his mother despite being so close to her in proximity. Additionally, we get down to the heart of why Sora is so focused on Basketball. Well, we’ve known that he’s had a passion for it from a young age, but his determination now is so he can surprise his mother with the inter-high trophy. I just think it’s really touching that he thought this far ahead and is already planning on seeing rushing to see her once he accomplishes his goals (oh god I hope he’s able to accomplish his goals). In this entire moment, I think that there was something special about the story being told by his grandmother. To us, she is essentially a third-party looking in on the relationship and you can really see just how much Sora cares about his mother and vice versa. We also got to see a bit more of his dad, there wasn’t anything particularly special, but he certainly was there! At the end of the day, I just want to keep cheering Sora on. Go Sora go!

Now that the first official game has been completed, a bit of passion has been sparked in the boys and they are ready to start getting real with Basketball… except there’s just one problem: They aren’t actually a club. I’ll be honest, this revelation was kind of surprise to me because I thought that they were already a club. They made it seem that a group of delinquents had taken over the club, but it was still a club nonetheless. I guess I was wrong, but I did like how they were able to explain how the team was able to practice the week before their first match. Momoharu starts acting more like a captain and decides to confront the principal and get an adviser – all around a pretty painless endeavor. The only issue is that they can’t start any fights…. naturally, that is going to be pretty challenging for a group of delinquents. But hey! Maybe they’ll prove us all wrong?

Also, side note, I don’t have too much to say here, but I absolutely lost it when Chiaki was just hanging out in the club room riding his corner store duck. It was a surprise to see it and I just can’t get over his serious conversation with Chiaki only to watch the animation of him on the duck.

And so enters our new trouble maker, Kite. The mysterious kid who’s been suspended up until that week. That’s when you know he’s now someone to mess around with. He seems to know what he’s doing when it comes to basketball, but has absolutely no care for authority and seems like he’s willing to start fights at the drop of a hat. So much for that “No fighting” rule for the basketball team. In fact, things really aren’t looking so hot for our team after that ending, but you know what? Maybe there’s a silver lining to all of this. But aaaaaaaaaaa I just want to know more about him! Why was he practicing with an old tattered ball? Where was he in the first 6 episodes? What’s his story???? Ahhhhhhhh I guess I’ll  just have to wait until next week !


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