Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. – Episode 4

Finally! The date! They can finally leave their lab. But even though I had some fleeting thought that Yukimura and Himuro would act differently, they are, at their core, science people. And you know what? I’ve come to terms with that. I won’t be getting any of the cute Wotokoi-esque relationship things that I was kind of expecting, but now I‌ can experience it as two science types trying to understand their feelings and give reasoning to it. And you know what? Of the 4 episodes that have been translated, this is definitely my favorite one.

Stepping outside of the lab really doesn’t change someone’s personality. In fact, they are the same person regardless of where they go and they really made sure we knew that at the beginning of the date. I‌ know it’s nitpicky, but I‌ was personally annoyed by the fact that Yukimura called Himuro out for being .36 seconds late. It was kind of at that moment where I‌ let out a groan because I figured this was going to be just like the previous three episodes. I‌ know that teasing someone one about being late can kind of be cute and playful in some instances, but this was definitely not that instance – but I‌ won’t be too upset with it. But on the flip side of being so punctual, I did find it humorous that they had planned out their entire day down to the second. It’s definitely a trait of those two that will probably grow on me? But, my first thought was just “Do they plan their whole day down to the second just in their daily lives? Man, they much be

THANKFULLY Kanade and Kousuke were able to step in and tell our two protagonists just how absurd they were being. Thank you Kanade for steering them in the right direction and just generally being a good lab mate for the two of them. Plus, having them go close shopping was a very cute event. I really liked the grand reveal and Yukimura immediately plugging in data in his phone. Honestly, for the two of them that was really cute. And then when they were going shoe shopping they reverted back to their science self. But once it was expressed as “times I feel I‌ am having fun +1” I definitely hit a moment of realization of “ah, this is a good match. They are good for each other.”  So that was nice.

I‌ still really don’t care for the bear butting in with his science explanations. He was really rude in this episode and a found it completely un-bear-able (lol, but seriously I really didn’t like it). It’s not like I asked for an explanation you jerk! >:(

Shortly after the lunch date is when I‌ really started to enjoy the episode. Honestly, I really enjoyed the confrontation with Yuuichi. I mean the situation of it wasn’t the best, but Himuro pulling out a power point to explain why she won’t go to tea with him was hilarious and I‌ wish i had something like that in my arsenal. I know how I’m spending the rest of the weekend. And then when Yukimura showed up? Awwweee Yeah! You tell him! I’ve never seen him so worked up. I felt like I could cheer for him! Yeah! Go get your girl back!

And then the reminder of the episode was really charming from there. It wasn’t as “predictable” as the previous episodes, so I was able to become a little bit more invested in their day. This time, in my opinion, I‌ thought the episode was genuinely funny and cute in watching them forget or set aside the science part and charge head first with their emotions only to return to the science part later. I much prefer them looking back at the science rather than proving it from the get go. Yet, in the next episode, it appears that they are back in the lab, but I‌ genuinely hope the some of the redeeming qualities of this episode end up being carried through the rest of the season.


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