Runway de Waratte – Episode 2

For those of you who wanted to see more Tsumura, this episode definitely delivers. In fact, if I were to give this episode a new title I would probably call it “The episode in which Tsumura experiences a lot of emotions”. Since the last episode focused heavily on Chiyuki, Tsumura almost feels like a brand new character. Based on the previous episode I would have labelled him as someone who lacked in self-esteem and tended to stay more in the background. And to some extent that’s true! Perhaps in an episode 0 or some sort of prologue that’s how he would come across. But now he has Chiyuki, who will charge right through anything even if she knows the outcome, pushing him forward.

I know it’s only the second episode, but one thing that I really like about Tsumura is that he’s in the same boat as most of us watching the anime: we know nothing about the fashion industry. I mean, most of us assume that it’s pretty cut throat, but to what extent? Is it just the models? The agencies? Who is going after one another? How much internal strife is going on? We just don’t know and neither does he. The fashion industry for him was always such a far off dream for him. He never grew up in the same circumstances as Chiyuki. And despite wanting to go to a fashion design school, he had already accepted that sewing clothes was just going to be his hobby while he pursued a “real career” to provide for his siblings. This whole episode is him coming to understand what the fashion industry is really like – they just shove him right in to fend for himself.

I’m so glad that this episode addressed Tsumura’s flip flop with self-confidence. As we saw in the previous episode, Chiyuki oozes self-confidence because she knows that’s what she needs to break out in the modelling world. Yet, Tsumura hasn’t had the opportunity to have that realization yet. Heck, just the other day Chiyuki didn’t even know his name and now she wants him to be a fashion designer for her father’s prestigious company? It’s certainly moving very fast for him. But I do appreciate having him go back and forth with “I’m really just okay making clothes! I don’t need to be a fashion designer” and “This is really what I want to do so I can’t blow my chance!”. It’s something a lot of us can probably relate to – maybe not quite to the extent that he’s feeling it, or maybe the stakes aren’t quite as high as his, but having to choose between hobbies and passions vs. doing something that we know will make us money? You go Tsumura, chase your dreams!!

Regarding the actual episode, I love how much was able to accomplished in 24 minutes. We pick right back up where we ended, and he ends up taking the blame for Chiyuki. I’m honestly a big sucker for “I know we just met, but you inspire me so I don’t want to see you get hurt”. Of course later on, he ends up just blowing up at Chiyuki for returning the dress he had made for her. Don’t get me wrong though, she was pretty rude about the whole thing regardless of her motives. Was it a push for him in the right direction? Probably, but it was still mean. Then of course we get into the main focus: Tsumura’s new job. Chiyuki’s father sends Tsumura to go work with an ex-fashion designer of Mille Niege, naturally failing to mention that he’s sending over a high school student with no formal training. Immediately, upon walking through the door of the designer’s house, Tsumura learns that the fashion industry is a cut throat place to be especially after he sees to other employees passed out on the floor. Oh man, his new boss is mean and I can’t tell if that’s just his personality or stress, either way, Tsumura’s in for a real wake up call.

AND that’s not even the most stressful part of the episode! What do you do when you’re coworkers and boss are freaking out about losing a model during a very important event and then you get stuck with someone who isn’t model size? AND on top of that, the experienced coworker collapses when the boss needs her most? Will Tsumura get to prove himself? Will it all go down hill from here? Gah, I’m on the edge of my seat to know what happens next!


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