Runway de Waratte – Episode 6

Welp! We’ve finally made it to the half way point in this series and things are starting to get really stressful. We’re about to hit peak conflict for both Ikuto and Chiyuki and all I can do is hope that they don’t lose sight of their dreams. Overall, I felt this was a very good episode, there was a nice balance between our two protagonists with a solid amount of exposition and drama. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I enjoyed every aspect of this episode because there were some moments in which Ikuto specifically got on my nerves, but all in all I had a pretty positive experience.

I really liked that we were able to start off the episode from Chiyuki’s perspective as she explains her relationship to Ikuto to her classmates. Admittedly, she was kind of directly talking to the audience as it seems like such a weird conversation to have with your classmates who don’t even know what his name is. Especially, when your discussion involves “I’m fixated on becoming a hypermodel so I’ll cut anything out of my life that doesn’t help me”, its honestly a wonder that Chiyuki has friends. But during her little speech about Ikuto she definitely highlights the downsides of both characters which is explored in this episode. Chiyuki is hyper-fixated on her goal, which in someways are good because she has to work harder than most models, but it also shows that she has no room for anything else. Ikuto on the other hand won’t put a pause on his other obligations and instead will overwork himself to accomplish everything. But as a result he ends up putting in a half-hearted effort. Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely not giving a meh effort, but he is unable to give his attention to one things and as a result relationships and output has been mediocre.  And this is something that will definitely come back to haunt him.

But first we have to see just how well Ikuto is doing in his competition. I’ll admit that I felt kind of let down by the reveal of his design. Especially, after the reveal of Kaoru’s design. I am by no means an expert on fashion, but I adored her design and quite frankly, I want it for myself. I probably couldn’t pull it off as well as the miniature version, but I can only dream :p. Over the course of the episode, I did come to appreciate Ikuto’s design a lot more, primarily after he was able to give his justification of his choice. I mean, as someone who spends a ridiculous amount of time wishing I was wearing pajamas I love the concept of them being stylish. Mostly, to feel comfortable being seen in them around others. So, he ultimately gets a pass from me, but I expect more out of him in the coming episodes. Because! This first battle of design was ultimately a battle of confidence. If you aren’t confident in your work how can you expect anyone else to be? You gotta own up to it, embrace what you’ve learned in improve!

Though, I must I admit, It really bothered me me when Ikuto was disappointed in his placement. Like? Bro. You’re younger than everyone here, you don’t even go to fashion school and also skimped out on the fabric. IF ANYTHING this should be considered a victory – a huge accomplishment. Yeah, I guess you could say it’s impressive that he was able to come up with this concept and put it together without using his full budget, but you really need to put in your all to succeed in this industry… Idk, that moment kind of reminded me of the people in school who go “I didn’t even study I can’t believe I got an A-, I’m such a failure”. No offense! But many of the people in that room would kill to be in that position!!! Realize that you were successful! But figure out where you can improve. That whole segment just really botherd me, but was ultimately overshadowed by Toh’s confrontation with him.

And as suspicious as I am about Toh, he’s not wrong. As the designer you don’t want to skimp out on your client. You need to put your all into it. I UNDERSTAND Ikuto’s reasons for doing this, but we’ve seen time and time again that you have to fight for your place in the fashion community. Consider this Ikuto, what if you had lost? You were disqualified and you went back to give the money to your sisters – they would likely be as upset with you! They want you to succeed!! Sometimes, you have to be just a little bit selfish! Just look at Chiyuki. She has to fight for every modelling gig that she can get and out of her own pocket as well. Yeah, there’s no denying that she’s in a good position, but it’s not like she’s being given help financially. Ikuto on the other hand… in comparison to Chiyuki and others, does not seem… as invested in pursuing this dream. As I said before, I get his reasons, but if he fails here it’s going to be hard to build himself back up again. But god, Toh, prying on the financial insecurity of Ikuto rubs me the wrong way. It’s clear that he wants Ikuto’s skills for himself but I have a feeling he’s going to rob Ikuto of his individuality or straight up steal his designs for his own. IKUTO PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR DECISIONS.

Moving away from Ikuto, there’s a new model at Mille Niege, Haruka Sudo, and she’s adorable. We didn’t get to learn too much from her other than she’s been a fangirl of Chiyuki’s for a long time. To be honest, I’m not sure if we’ll see this new model again because it seems like she was just here to 1) remind Chiyuki of how popular she used to be and 2) a catalyst for Chiyuki to explain what was needed for a portfolio. But even with all of that we did get a moment where Chiyuki finally admitted to Ikuto being a friend :’). The remainder of the episode focuses on Chiyuki struggling to make an impression and getting a gig. I mean, most people immediately disqualify her the moment they realize that she’s tiny. I’m sad that she wasn’t able to meet with the journalist girl, BUT! Chiyuki finally get to cross paths and I’m so excited to see what their interactions will be like! Will Chiyuki finally be the kind model that Kokoro needs? Ahhhhhh….. I hope… they can become friends.


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