We finally get a proper introduction to the green-haired girl, Sakura, and her strange little group that consists of Natsuhiko and Tsukasa. I’m glad we did because I’ve been wondering about them, mainly Sakura, for awhile now. Wondering whether they’re good or bad, what are their motivations and what are they after? We got some answers at least, but it looks like things are only heating up to something bigger.

Yashiro gets invited out by Natsuhiko and she basically gets jumped by him and Tsukasa by turning her into a fish. She then wakes up in a chair in a fancy room in completely different clothes and is then greeted by Sakura. Sakura set up a nice tea party for her and Yashiro so they could chat, but seeing as how she was basically kidnapped and in the same room as Tsukasa, she put herself on guard. Well, for a bit. Because she then devolved into having girl talk with Sakura, the both of them relating as they both complained about their respective apparitions. Sakura is Tsukasa’s assistant as she also went to him for a wish and reminds Yashiro that she always has to follow his orders. And because of this, I kind of feel for Sakura. She made it seem like a normal chat over tea, but the true purpose was them getting rid of Yashiro – as in, kill her. Oh, and Natsuhiko too I guess, this guy is just there. I don’t think Sakura is necessarily a bad person, as she did look conflicted when Tsukasa gave her the look to trap her, even saying that she’d love to save her instead. The thing is, she can’t go against Tsukasa’s orders. I’m not sure what would happen if Yashiro would go against Hanako’s orders, but the thing is that Tsukasa is not Hanako! Tsukasa is insane! I don’t even want to imagine what he would do to her. Actually, if he was able to turn Mitsuba into a monster then I’m sure he could easily do the same to her. It’s a really crappy situation to be in, and the cause of those change in rumors isn’t necessarily Sakura’s fault since I’m sure it’s all Tsukasa’s idea. And again…Tsukasa is terrifying. That look he gave Sakura was chilling.

Of course instead of actually dying, Yashiro and Natsuhiko enter a plane of nothingness basically, as Hanako was able to explain through a radio. The trick to escaping was to find the door most familiar to her. He also warned not to open any door all willy nilly because there could be dangerous things behind them. So Natsuhiko completely ignores that and starts opening all the doors! I’ve said the humor in this show is hit or miss but this segment was hilarious. I love the big green head thing, the Terminator reference, and the Mokke leaving flowers for him after he was grabbed by the green thing at the end. It was silly and Natsuhiko is so dumb. Who even is this guy and what’s his purpose? He really is just there, thirsting over Sakura and being chill at all the weird things happening about him. He’s just so weird and he’s definitely off, like Yashiro said but I do admit that he cracks me up. And yeah, I’m sure he’s just fine even though the green thing was probably kicking his ass.

One thing I really loved was Yashiro reflecting on Hanako and what he does for her. Whenever she’s in trouble, he’s always there to save her, even in the current situation she was in. He always helps her, but she wants to help him too and maybe soon she’ll be able to. She hears familiar music and finds a door she recognizes and opens it, and while she’s happy at first she sees a certain someone. Amane hides in the corner of the classroom behind the curtain with his things strewn about, and a scared expression on his face. Yashiro notices the wounds all over his face and arms and offers to help, but he ends up running off. Without him knowing however, he drops a key with a rocket keychain, and right before Yashiro could give it back haku-jyoudai finds her and brings her back to the human world. I’m not sure what that key will be used for, but I’m sure it’s going to be a very important item for whatever is going to happen soon.

I love Yashiro and Hanako’s relationship so much. Her interaction with his past self was short but sweet and I wish it was longer, but I’m liking this build up a lot. The apology scene at the end was so adorable, it was so soft, so sweet. Strange things happen between them, some more serious than others, but they’ve shown that they truly care about each other. And I think after seeing Hanako from the past in the state that he was in, I think that’s going to give Yashiro an even stronger drive to help Hanako in any way that she can. And I know it sounds cheesy, but cute, I think Yashiro just being by his side is enough for him. But not enough for me. >:3c

But even with a nice scene like that, Tsukasa is already building up to something even bigger. The way he was staining the classroom in blood, and I think he even drew Mitsuba’s face in blood on the floor…???? This child is terrifying, what the hell do you want Tsukasa?!

also does hanako have an ankle fetish?


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