Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 3

Well… that was… something. The battle between the plant virus Digimon and Omnimon felt a bit… underwhelming. However, even then, the animation and choreography was still leagues above the Persona 5 the animation fighting scenes. And they at least made it interesting enough. So I guess I can’t complain too much. Though I did notice that they referenced a lot of different shots like Our War Game. Also, I recently found out this vine/plant virus digimon was actually the central antagonist in the Digimon Savers movie. Guess they wanted it to make a comeback lol and not have it completely be Our War Game by not straight up using Diaboromon. Though I do think it was a little weird that both Taichi and Yamato didn’t seem that alarmed by the fight. It didn’t seem like they were showing the correct reactions and emotions in that fight, but oh well. Just a little nitpick on that.

The way that they cleaned up the missile situation was a tad confusing. Did they just reroute where the missile hit? Though I feel like the fact that it went back up despite looking like it didn’t have enough room to do so. It could have been better, but it is what it is and I wasn’t offended by it. I did find it interesting that they separated Taichi and Agumon right after they had become partners. But I guess it’s not completely official quite yet since they haven’t really held a conversation about the whole thing. However, they’re both flung away from each other when the light of the missile explosion happens before they could get a final word out.

I am a fan of how they’re developing Koushiro and Taichi’s friendship though. Through that event, I’m sure they’ve grown to trust each other and it just feels nice that there is someone Koushiro can hang with, since he seems like a shy kid who doesn’t have many, if any friends. I’m sure he looks up to Taichi and it’s cute to see him stuck to his side like any younger kid would to a “cooler” older friend at their age. I honestly hope we can see other relationships between the characters grow and bond like this.

Speaking of which, we actually get a cameo appearance of Jou (I had to look up his Japanese name whoops), being the perfectionist spazz that he is. Which was nice since I do remember liking him a lot as a kid. I was also pretty disappointed with his 02 hairstyle… BUT ANYWAYS, we are FINALLY introduced to another of the chosen eight, Sora. And I must say, her style is CUTE AS HECK. I don’t remember caring that much about her as a kid, but I do like her design, especially the visor that just gives her the feeling of a “cool kid.” Which Koushiro voices as the girls in his class often talk about how cool she is. Everything about her clothing and design just screams spunky and I’m for it. But man, it’s gonna be painful because every time I see Taichi and Sora interact, I just sigh. Yes I am a Taiora fan. Sue me. I was one of those people who never saw the connection between her and Yamato so when they got married in 02, I was heartbroken. And right away, they already allude to a close bond between Taichi and Sora and I just… UGHHHHH. Stop hurting me like this!

I totally thought they were all gonna be transported to the Digital World at camp… BOY DID THEY BAIT ME HARD. We didn’t even get introduced to the other characters in the group yet. But I am glad that they’re taking their time to introduce the characters one by one instead of overwhelming the viewer with so many characters at once. We now get to know the characters a little more before adding more characters to the bunch. I already feel pretty attached to Taichi (even if he screams shounen protagonist) and Koushiro as individuals. So I’m looking forward to if the series can get me attached to all of the characters.

However, they DO eventually end up in the Digital World… somehow. But WOW, does it look BEAUTIFUL now. I absolutely love the digital effects in the water, showing that it’s different from the real world. I’m so glad that they’ll be keeping the fantasy aspect to this series instead of reducing it to Megaman Battle Network type of internet world. It just makes me excited to explore more areas of this world now because it looks so much more interesting now. However, judging from all the colors and number of lights we saw before showing the Digital World, it looks like that only six of the main group has been transported. Which is surprising considering in the original, seven of them were transported right off the bat. But going off the colors, I’m assuming that Takeru was the one from the original seven that was left out. Which makes me wonder how the heck are they going to do Yamato’s story… unless Takeru and Hikaru are gonna be sent in later. Especially since Takeru has a pretty big role in the first arc of the original.

There are some parts in this alternate telling that is… weird. However, they’re not terrible and I can sustain my sense of disbelief since it hasn’t done anything that made no sense… yet. So I’m still looking forward to see what other changes this series is willing to dish out. And now that we’re in the Digital World, I’m looking forward to meeting all the other characters and their Digimon. I do wonder if they can influence the real world from the Digital World since the blackouts that were happening prior to them being transported were happening because of a newly hatched virus Digimon.

Edit: Looks like Digimon has joined the group of anime that is postponed due to COVID-19 and will be postponed until further notice. Unfortunate since I’m so curious to see where this series will go, but it’s definitely best to keep all the animators and everyone working on this series safe.


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