Gleipnir Episode 3

Well, well, well. Looks like yandere blood just runs in this family, doesn’t it? 

That was pretty rough. She ripped off his head at the end, did y’all see that? Clair crawled inside of him which means the costume is his skin, isn’t it?? Maybe it’s not worth even worth trying to explain. After all we did find out at the beginning that this is apparently all for the sake of an alien. Vending machine guy with the, “inhabitants of this planet are nice”. I would make a joke about it being a Trigger anime, but this would be way too early to reveal an alien plot. The true trigger shows only tell us at the very end. And the coins are invisible to machines, so people have to find them and return them. To help find someone presumably not on earth.

I really did not see that coming though. I totally thought she had used her ghostly essence to figure out Clair was inside. As soon as she said Shuichi I remembered she was the voice from the previous episode though. I have no idea what she’s gonna do once she figures out it’s Clair in their, but I do know one thing. This is the most fucked love triangle in existence. If this show doesn’t win best romance, then romance is dead.

But I seriously don’t know. She apparently doesn’t have issues killing people, including her parents, unless it’s Shuichi so maybe she won’t give a shit that it’s Clair. In either case, I’m sure she’ll be very receptive to logical arguments and understanding. I’m sure of it.

I caaaan’t believe Shuichi made her put on a swimsuit. I swear, he ruins everything for me!

I love his line: “So I’d like to get tangled up in this as little as possible.” Alright bud. Heard ya loud and clear. As little as possible. Proceeds to almost blow the head off of Clair’s sister before they’ve ever met.

Well, they set out to find her sister and they succeeded. At first I was like, nah there’s no way she killed their parents! If Clair didn’t see it it was probably some big misunderstanding. Opens bag with her clothes Oh yeah, she killed them. RIP.

So Clair wants to know why the sister turned into a monster, why she killed their parents and, I can guess the last question she trailed off on was, why didn’t you kill me too?

Just a quick side note for my Poor Nana counter. This is incident #2 of her randomly seeing them together after they’ve spent no time together. There’s no way she doesn’t get taken hostage or have her life threatened. Hell, it’ll probably be Clair that threatens her life so she won’t talk.

I thought it was a small blessing in this episode when Clair immediately rejected his idea to do it alone. ‘Praise the anime gods. They’ve heard me at last.’ I thought to myself. Turns the fuck out, that would’ve… welll it probably would’ve ended even worse now that I think about it. He’d try to talk her out of it, mention Clair and then he’s alone in the suit without a psychopathic girl inside of him to help him fight. So maybe this really was for the best.

I also felt really bad for Clair this week. We definitely got to see more of her normal side, her being a little cute, talking about not liking scary movies. When Shuichi notices she’s erased all emotions, but we see her crying, man that says a lot. And for her to be stuck with Shuichi, thinking her sister is talking to her only to find out it’s actually all about Shuichi. That must be so emotionally taxing. Not to mention, she was just about to go into a blind rage when she thought her sister was apologizing for murdering her parents. As much as she is trying to cope, this made it pretty clear that she’s still so so broken up about it (rightfully so). I was shocked when they said this only happened 6 months ago. I guess that does make sense, but I was thinking it was so much longer ago. Caught me off guard.


Well, there’s not many ways this ends well. I’m excited, terrified, confused, but overall entertained. Just another week of emotions and anguish that Gleipnir has caused me! 

Also, just major props to the intensity that this show is able to make me feel. The way they did the intensity of her sister, and the music when they finally see her for the first time. I got legit goosebumps. It was so peaceful and then all hell broke loose as Clair got ready to confront her. Great moment.

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