Kaguya-sama: Love is War S2 Episode 5

Not only do we have dumb idiots doing dumb things because they are in love, but ALSO Chika trying to help her problem child not embarrass himself because he sucks at things again And she said she wouldn’t help him again… guess that declaration didn’t last too long.

But before we get into that… My gosh does Shirogane look strange with essentially shoujo eyes. Who knew he’d look like that after one good night’s sleep. I cannot take him seriously with those eyes. Though it seems people find him more approachable that way, even Chika was slightly swooning. But it’s hilarious that Kaguya didn’t seem to like his new bishounen look and actually prefers his intense-glare-like gaze, much to Shirogan’e exasperation. So much, she even goes to Kashiwagi for advice on what to do since she realizes that she’s being super shallow for basing her affections off of Shirogane’s eyes.

Despite Chika supposedly being one of Kaguya’s closest friends, there was a rather… large disparity between Chika and Ishigami’s responses to what “true love” means. Chika’s answer sent Kaguya into an existential crisis by saying that it’s not true love if her feelings are based off of something superficial like appearances. Ishigami’s answer was basically it could be how the person interprets it and walks off all (supposedly) cool like. Freaking Ishigami being such a great straightman this season. But man, I do admit I really love Ishigami and Kaguya’s friendship, once Ishigami got over his fear of her. They just constantly help each other out and bounce off each other so well, it’s great. Even Kaguya stated that she’s closer to Ishigami in regards to friendship than Chika in the previous season. SHEESH.

Speaking of friendships, Kashiwagi proved to be a pretty good dang friend as well. She is such a homie, despite being super embarrassed, wanted to help Kaguya and even took one for the team so that Kaguya doesn’t get outed when Chika comes over wondering what they’re talking about. Kashiwagi is the real one here. Despite Kaguya being super unreasonable at times, she never got annoyed or frustrated with her. Sure she was exasperated at times (and was concerned about what she was into lol), but she was never just downright negative towards her. She genuinely wanted to help even if she wasn’t good with the subject of “true love.” Even though she was legit concerned for Kaguya since the girl seemed REALLY into Shirogane’s “dead-eyed look” when he came up to them having been unable to get a good night’s rest since he was up trying to figure out his campaign. I’m worried too Kashiwagi, you’re not alone on that one.

Looks like it’s time for Chika helping out Shirogane get better at something he’s crap at so he doesn’t embarrass himself… PART TWO. Chika even has Vietnam flashbacks to the volleyball incident. And while I commend Chika for putting herself out there to help Shirogane again, she obviously didn’t learn her lesson since I feel like Shirogane is not truthful, or at least unaware of how “crappy” he is towards certain things. DO NOT TRUST HIM WHEN HE SAYS “KIND OF CRAPPY.” Poor Chika, has to deal with the consequences of taking what Shirogane says as truth… as he proceeds to sing basically a cursed melody. I do appreciate that Chika was able to open up his blinders a little bit to his singing ability since he seemed to genuinely think he was only a “little bad.” Because wow that was bad.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Shirogane believing he can understand music for the first time… just by singing one note decently. And of course, he still sings a cursed tune. And while it’s easy to make fun of Shirogane’s cursed singing, when you think about it, it is sad when you think about being in Shirogane’s shoes of having everyone tell you to stop doing something when you somewhat want to do it. It’s disheartening and it seems that it hit Chika’s heartstrings as well. Though it was hilarious that she told him to “leave it to mama.” She’s honestly such a mother towards him, it’s great. Chika really goes above and beyond to help Shirogane improve at things he’s terrible at and I respect her for it. And her efforts were not in vain. He may not be the best singer, but he is decent enough to sing with everyone and not stand out. A vast improvement from his previous singing ability. So congrats to Shirogane being able to finally sing normally~ But dang, the school anthem really hits deep to that whole situation Chika is such a proud mother. Though it was a bit overdramatic that she started singing while conducting the anthem. But I guess the lyrics basically mirrored Shirogane and Chika’s struggles to a T. Enough to just have her bawling by the end of it. And while she CLAIMS she’s done teaching him things. I’m sure there will be a part 3.

I’ve always liked this dynamic of Chika going above and beyond helping Shirogane with things he can’t do well since last season. Sure it’s very one-sided, but it’s nice to see their dynamic not having Shirogane exasperated with her with every little thing she does. And this way, he most likely develops more of a respect for Chika because she is putting in WORK to help him.

The last part of the episode had to do with the student council elections and oh dear… Kaguya is resorting to weeding out the competition. No Kaguya… not like this. She even resorted to try and get Iino to drop out. Even going as far as to offer her assistance on her campaign. Kaguya, I love you, but when you do things like this, you make it hard sometimes. Not to mention I feel like she was inadvertently giving Iino ammunition on how to become a better candidate… YOU’RE SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT, KAGUYA. STOOOOOP. At first things look like they’re going Kaguya’s way, but from what we’ve learned in this series, of course it’s not going to go how she wants it. Nothing good happens when you’re being overly manipulative Kaguya. And as I called it, Iino flips Kaguya’s plans on her head when she declares that she’ll make her and Shirogane part of the student council so she can make them into better students. And at first this sounds good in theory since Kaguya will still be on the student council with Shirogane, but because of Iino rather strict rulings and plans to make Chika her vice president, Kaguya is starting to have second thoughts. Told you Kaguya, you basically shot yourself in the foot.

Whelp, looks like the results of the student elections will be shown next week. Can’t wait to see what happens… because I legit do not remember how this all went down in the manga since it’s been a while. But I’m sure it’ll be a hilariously insane time.


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