Uh oh, looks like Ogremon’s in some hot water! His big scary vampire-ish boss Devimon is not impressed that the DigiDestined have broken into the fortress so he’s sending reinforcements. Ogremon better shape up, or else!

By the sound of the data left behind in the fortress, it sounds like the Holy Digimon has been captured. Yamato theorizes that the bad guys will show up again before the DigiDestined reach said Holy Digimon, and moments later he’s proven right.

Ogremon has arrived and he’s here to bust some shit up. He tears down parts of the fortress to get to the kids, and the first Digimon up to bat is Agumon. He quickly digivolves to Greymon and Taichi tries to ask Ogremon about the Holy Digimon, but Ogremon doesn’t care about that. What matters most to him is that Greymon broke his horn in an earlier episode; Ogremon wants a rematch to restore his pride. So, the battle between the two begins. They’re a pretty even match, so for awhile they mostly just shove each other around and fire energy blasts at each other.

Then a swarm of Coredramon arrive on the scene and the danger factor is dialed up. These Digimon can fire rapid blast attacks at everyone, including the fighting Digimon, and the DigiDestined are slow to react. No one else’s Digimon has digivolved so it looks like the DigiDestined are DigiDoneFor until Koshiro swoops in at the last minute and saves everyone with an energy blast from Kabuterimon. Huzzah!

The bulk of this episode focuses on the dual between Greymon and Ogremon until MetalTyranomon shows up about 3/4 of the way through the episode. MetalTyranomon’s arrival instantly takes Ogremon down a few pegs; he knows that MetalTyranomon is his replacement. The Ultimate Digimon cares so little for Ogremon’s existence that MetalTyranomon even steps right on him as he arrived at the fortress! Ogremon now resembles a pancake and it appears that he is no more.

MettalTyranomon, being partially made of metal, is able to take Greymon’s fire-based attacks with ease. He knocks Greymon out of the air during a physical attack, turning him back into Agumon as the poor dinosaur’s energy has been depleted. Ogremon takes this chance to rise up from the dead, complete with missing eye and re-challenge MetalTyranomon. He knows that he’s basically done for; this Ultimate Digimon is way more powerful than he could ever be, and Devimon is going to rely on his pet metal dinosaur more than he will Ogremon. The big green Digimon was replaced from the moment his boss was giving him grief for not achieving his objective.

In a gesture of sacrifice, Ogremon blasts one of his energy attacks -away- from the fortress. He explains to the DigiDestined that they just have to follow his attack straight ahead to reach the Holy Digimon. I don’t remember if this moment was in the original series or not, but regardless of whether or not it was, I was very touched. Ogremon’s English skills are very basic so he doesn’t clarify where exactly the Holy Digimon is.

As Taichi and the other kids look on, Ogremon powers up for one huge final attack against MetalTyranomon, who also powers up accordingly and channels a little Godzilla in the process, what with the way electric energy sparks along his spine. The result of these two very powerful attacks combining is a massive explosion which obliterates Ogremon; whether MetalTyranomon is destroyed as well remains to be seen.

I’m trying to remember how big a role Ogremon played in the original Digimon Adventure series in 1999, but I can’t quite remember.  #beingoldsucks   His appearance has always turned me off, possibly because he never closes his mouth so it’s always just gaping open and it makes me dislike his character design? He was a fairly straightforward character in this episode though, I’m just a little sad that he only got one episode and wasn’t a recurring character. At least the producers gave him one big moment of redemption before his annihilation.

With Devimon’s inclusion in this episode, I’m assuming he’s the one holding the Holy Digimon captive. What will the Holy Digimon look like? I remember bits and pieces of the original series so I’m curious how much of it will be included in this 2020 reboot. It makes me a little hesitant to throw out speculation and theories because I don’t want to accidentally spoil Digimon Adventures: (2020) for anyone who hasn’t seen the original Digimon series. I’ll keep my guesses to myself for now, but maybe in a few episodes as the plot progresses I’ll start to share them. :3