The monster brothers have made up and they’ve decided to cause some havoc around town. But it’s a good thing that Rean has come to find the two boys in an attempt to bring them back home. Although… one has to wonder… will they all make it back home?

This was one of those episodes where I feel like not a whole lot happened, but when I look at it as a whole, we actually got some background for both Gugu and Rean. It just seemed like we spent such a long time in one area, but the time spent in that area was really valuable. Given the track record of the anime I feel like we’re due for another loss… and if it’s between Gugu and Rean… I have a feeling we’re going to lose Rean first. We’ve abandoned her in the forest (well, at least she has Meer), but wouldn’t it be tragic if she were to die and Fushi couldn’t transform into her because she hadn’t provided enough stimulation? Depending on Gugu’s response that could be absolutely devastating. But I really shouldn’t look too much into the future as there’s plenty of danger for Gugu and Fushi in the present.

Fushi took a back seat in this episode up and I think that’s okay because we get to learn about the stark differences with Rean and Gugu. We get to hear more about Gugu’s living situation, in which he thought that the family he worked for was genuinely his family. I’ll be honest though… I definitely thought it was a hypothetical situation for the longest time. He learns that his brother is truly the only family he has, but in turn that family member leaves as well. It really does make sense why he craves a family so much, but still tends to be a little more distrusting. Rean on the other hand is your typical daughter of the wealthy who just wants to be free. She gets to live this life of luxury with so many people doting on her, but it’s suffocating to her. She just wants to be her own person, not someone everyone is always trying to dress up. Her life is everything that Gugu wanted, and his freedom is everything that she wanted.

I really hope that we get to see more of their dynamic in the future. This escape attempt of Rean’s is still fairly fresh. She hasn’t been away for an extremely long period of time yet. She hasn’t had the chance of being truly left alone yet, so that can be an experience that terrifies her. I want to see the two of them teach each other and be there for each other. Sharing their knowledge and helping each other out. And Fushi can be there too! He and Rean can learn how to cook and clean together! For Gugu, I think it’s important that he feels a bit of responsibility in making sure Rean is doing okay. He’s the kind of person who seems to be impacted by those around him. He keeps trying to tell himself that he only does things for himself, but really, he does feel motivation in helping others out. I just don’t want their time to be cut short!

And things look like it might be cut short! Something is back to attack Fushi and he hasn’t quite grown in the way that would be useful for this fight. Yeah, he’s learned language and a number of other things… But fighting this creature? Well, we’re basically at square one. Perhaps Gugu can show off his fighting skills? Does he have any fighting skills? Welp, they’re going to have to figure something out or else they’re both in a lot of danger.

We’ve been left with a cliffhanger so I’m interested to see how this plays out next week. I hope everything ends up okay, but I feel like I shouldn’t get too attached to anyone. Heck, even if I don’t get too attached, they’ll still pull something that hurts. Like when Fushi called Meer, Joaan. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but hoo… those wounds from episode one? Yeah, they’re still there. But here’s to hoping that everything will come out okay!


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