Takemichi, you had one job and so far it looks like you’ve failed. You’ve been trying so hard, and yet when it comes down to it, this job was much, much harder than your first. I know I say this every other week, but BOY AM I STRESSED. I really hope that we’re able to rescue Draken, but things are really not looking up for him right now. Is it too much to hope that Emma or Hina will come to the rescue??

This episode was intense! I’m a little bummed that we had so much recap in the beginning, but I suppose it was pretty helpful really emphasizing Takemichi’s cry baby nature. Though, that was hit upon again later as he was running around searching for Draken among all the fighting. Maybe it would be helpful for him to learn how to fight. Not to just square up with anyone, but enough to get him out of situations much faster than he currently is. I’m genuinely impressed that both Moebius and Toman just let him wander through the crowd though. I feel like he would be a better target.

But regardless of what he did in this episode, everyone else was just so much cooler. The spotlight was definitely not on him this episode. We got to see how cool some of the other members of the gang are and I absolutely cannot wait to see more of them. Even from just the short screen time they all look like they have a story and just look like cool people to know. I’m interested to know how they ended up in the Tokyo Manji Gang! Okay, but if I had to give an award out for the coolest character in this episode it would definitely have to go to Mikey. Every single time he was on screen he was just the best. First, there was his arrival on his bike. He’s set up a reputation that there should be fear when he shows up. Just the sound of the bike in the distance got many of the Moebius members nervous. I certainly wouldn’t want to go up against him in a fight. I’d be out for the count if he just looked at me.

But where he shined the most is when he was able to approach Peh. And I’m so glad that the conversation was able to happen. It really shows how much Mikey cares about the members of his gang. Yeah, they do stupid things from time to time and need to be put in their place, but at the end of the day they are a family and he genuinely cares about them. Peh went and got the opposing gang to go and fight Draken, and yet Mikey won’t throw a punch at him. Instead, he welcomes as many punches as needed to let Peh feel better about what happened to Pah. Mikey’s a good guy and I’m glad that he gets moments like this. He’s super cool, but also shows that he also has a heart.

Despite him being so cool now, I wonder what’s going to happen when he hears the news about Draken. Unless Kiyomasa comes forward… it’s going to be a rough time for everyone else. Peh is definitely in the perfect position to be the scapegoat. And Kiyomasa certainly has it out for Takemichi… things are definitely going to get a lot worse before they get better. But let’s just hope that Emma recognized that things were getting a little more heated and got more help. Or maybe Hina will come to the rescue? She always seems to come when we need her the most. Maybe she’ll give them all a solid smack down and put them in their place. Gahhhh!!! I’m stressed! Draken please be okay!!

Part of me feels like not a whole lot happened in this episode, but when I break it down, there was quite a lot! There was also a lot of brawling going on, but that’s what made it pretty enjoyable. The stakes felt pretty high, so when we were able to get moments like Peh and Mikey talking to each other it felt really good. So, I’m looking forward to the moments we’ll get in the next episode!


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