Oh man… they really had me fooled. I really thought this was going to be  nice and happy episode with a very cute reunion of two people who haven’t seen each other in 12 years… And in some ways, it was! Hina and Takemichi (and even Naoto) got to reunite with each other in the present… but oh… the happiness couldn’t last for long, could it? Not even one episode?

That being said, I still really enjoyed this episode and arguably was much more emotional during the final third. But to have it start off with something so small and simple was really nice. Though, Takemichi is still a coward for running away though. Sir, don’t you think that if you still have feelings for her PRIOR to going back in time and saving her, that she might have some lingering feeling for you? I mean, they might not be positive, but you never know until you try! But thankfully she is conveniently heading back home as you are trying to leave so you have to meet each other!! Although deep down and thanks to that ending, I kind of wish you didn’t!

I’m not usually a fan of awkward conversation, but it was kind of cute watching both Hina and Takemichi get flustered over reuniting, but Naoto being there made it all the more funny. He’s watching his sister and this guy who he has mixed feelings about try to flirt, but they… are just really bad at it. A drive doesn’t work, and heck! even once he leaves, they are still struggling! I am thankful that we get to hear Hina express her feelings, even though it was very indirect while they were at the park. And dang… Takemichi… I would love to know what your past self was thinking for breaking up with someone like her.

But then from there, the episode goes from a cute reunion to me absolutely losing my mind. I thought the consequence of Takemichi running to the bathroom was just going to be a lack of closure or just a longer awkward reunion. Like Naoto returning from work and still seeing the two of them sit quietly at the table with hours old coffee awkward! Not TWO deaths!! And what’s worse is that I thought Takemichi was just going to find the fire as he tried to run to her. But instead, he WITNESSED IT!!! He saw both Hina AND Akkun die AGAIN. And there was nothing he could do about it! Even if he jumped in front of Akkun, he probably would have been run over and that just made everything so much more intense. I swear whenever Kisaki is “officially” introduced I might genuinely try to reach through the screen and take him out myself.

Watching Akkun die again was already stressful but seeing that Hina was still alive in the car and Takemichi trying to save her probably hurt the most especially once he realized there was essentially nothing he could do. But they really took the emotion to the next level when he jumped in and hugged her and said that he loved her! By that time, everyone was shedding tears in the anime (and me too). It was just so stressful watching and knowing that nothing could be done to save either of them. Naoto you literally picked the worst time to leave…. also why didn’t you notice the car that was following you? All of this could have been stopped if we just picked up on it a little bit sooner.

But hey! It’s a perfect transition into the next arc, looks like Takemichi is going to have to go back in time and save at least two people again (hopefully Draken’s is safe for now). I’m rooting for you, Crybaby Hero! Become the leader of Toman!!


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  1. zztop

    Looks like Revengers is quite the popular title in Japan,based on its Bluray sales for its opening week.

    3rd place, just behind Quintessal Quintuplets and Dynazenon.

    As for Kisaki, some recent manga chapters that came out have shed some light on his motives.

    1. Quietcupcake

      Woah!! That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing, I’m really glad that it’s doing well!

      Oh ho ho! I’m excited to see what his motives are. I love that he’s been established as a huge threat even with very little screen time!

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