Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid Episode 3

Again, the music in this show is just lovely. That scene in the town square with everyone dancing was wonderful.

Another chill and sweet little episode. I know the Duke wants to tell Alice his feelings directly, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s in love with her but of course he just wants to be proper. I think it’s very sweet of him, and too bad the meteor shower date didn’t go exactly as planned. Though, it went in the way we expected it to and it’s unique to them so in that way…it’s kind of special?

The date in town was really cute, though it also gave me a bit of anxiety. I know by now that the show won’t go too dark, but I was still nervous that the Duke was around so many people during a festival. Still, the costume he had really did do the trick with the steel cage around him, and he also looked really cool as well. Alice looked pretty, as usual. There were some bumps during the date, but they were still able to have some fun and still have a beautiful view of the moon. Still, one thing was that there seems to be rumors about the Duke and it irked me when the shopkeeper called it a “creature”. He’s just a human with a curse, dammit! Leave him alone!

And of course, the teasing continues and while I’ve said I’m not too big a fan of the humor, I did get a laugh when the Duke went over to Alice’s room and got the wrong idea. Though the whole time I was thinking, why is Alice sleeping in some shack outside?! Surely there’s plenty of rooms for her inside the mansion. Does Rob sleep in another shack too? She’s the girl you love, at least let her sleep in a comfy room inside the mansion! >_>

It’s hard when episodes are so slow, but one thing I did think was interesting was the fairy tale of the princess and the moon. It really does describe Alice and the Duke’s relationship even though he says it’s the opposite because he’s right there with her. Again, while it was a sweet and romantic moment, there’s that small tinge of sadness there with the Duke not being able to put his arm around Alice as they walk around town. He can’t even give her a kiss like he wants to, again making that scene on the lake a little sad. Even when we have these sweet little moments with the two of them, there’s always going to be a hint of melancholy about it. My heart broke a little when the Duke apologized to Alice for being the way he was, that he couldn’t save her from falling in the water, etc. Again, I really appreciate that the show balances the humor and the emotional scenes like these much better than it did before. It doesn’t make the show feel too repetitive and it slowly advances their relationship as well. And, it’s cute. Just plain cute, and I love it.

One very interesting, but very short moment, was a woman calling out to Alice and mistaking her for her mother. We never got to see her face because she was in costume, but Alice had a strange reaction when her mother’s name was called. We don’t really know too much about Alice and her family situation actually. Why is her family so close to the Duke’s? Why is she the only one to willingly care for the Duke, and what does her family think about that? What kind of relationship does Alice have with her mother? All interesting things to wonder about, and judging by next week’s episode title, we might actually get into that. I can’t wait~

Again, a very fun and cute episode. It’s a little hard to review these types of slow episodes without repeating myself, but I’ll stick with it because it’s a nice relaxing show after a hard week at work. c:


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  1. il-Palazzo says:

    “ We never got to see her face because she was in costume…”
    Assuming that it’s a costume. Maybe it’s like “The Masque of Red Death” here and that was her real face because she’s actually a witch.

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