Fushi is just straight up not having a good time and I can’t blame him for that. He and his companion are trapped on an island and now he has to fight to the death in order to have any hope of getting what he wants. And on top of all of that, he has the girl who got him into this mess following him around convincing him to do things that he doesn’t want to do. You can do it Fushi, I believe that you can get out of this situation (or at least I really hope so!)

The tournament is an absolute blood bath. Even before they get started, they announcer gets shot in the head with an arrow and then new man with a megaphone gets out another sentence before having his neck sliced clean open. Poor Fushi had to learn the rules of the tournament the hard way, but hopefully he’s able to make it through without actually killing anyone? Well… it seems to be working out so far, but the way things are developing I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the arc where he discovers the feeling of hatred and ultimately ends up killing someone. Whether that’s the people who kidnapped him and brought him to the island or if it’s due to some unwelcome individuals from the past.

I really felt the pacing felt a little bit off in this episode. For me, it felt much more like a jumble puzzle where we were trying to force pieces together that just didn’t fit. Fushi gets the flashback to the boozeman telling him not to let anyone know that he’s immortal…. and well that goes out the window pretty quickly. Arguably, nothing that he could have done about that given his situation. But in the next battle when he transforms into Joaan, Gugu, and Parona really didn’t sit well with me. He’s just thrown keeping all of his abilities and their secrets out the window. I mean, I suppose people wouldn’t be too surprised that he can shapeshift especially after surviving all the weapons being plowed into his body… but still… it feels like something was missing to reach that point.

But I can look past most of that because I have A LOT OF QUESTIONS regarding some familiar faces that we saw this week. First and foremost, why was Fushi able to transform into Parona? Please, To Your Eternity you already took March away from us please don’t take Parona too. I’m just really, really hoping that he can transform into people who made a significant impact on him from memory. That’s not too farfetched right? Because this is one heck of a way to learn that best girl is dead. And as much as I’m hoping she’s alive… it just can’t be a coincidence that the escaped prisoner from Yanome is probably Hayase. Last we saw those two, Hayase was going after Fushi and Parona failed to make the shot to kill the other…. Me thinks there’s a reason for this cliffhanger of an ending and I don’t like it. Anyways, if it truly is Hayase, I hope Fushi will take her out.

I’m so glad that we’ll be getting more info on Tonari soon. I really haven’t been the biggest fan of her since she was introduced, probably because she’s the one who got us in this mess. I understand her attitude towards growing up on Jananda island, but it really feels like she’s just ready to cause problems and only think of herself. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but after everything we’ve been through to get here, I definitely understand Fushi’s frustration. It doesn’t feel like he’s being taken seriously and he doesn’t have any support. I know by the end of the arc I will probably like her and the rest of her group, but for now I’m rather indifferent and frustrated at the situation. But hoo…. if it really is Hayase, Tonari looks great next to her!

There were a lot of things revealed in this episode and I can tell it’s going to get a lot messier before things start looking up again (at least, I hope there’s a silver lining out there). I do however, like the conversation Fushi had with the black figure about death and suicide. How some people are willing or choose to end their lives early. It was a really interesting concept and I hope they are able to explore it more beyond the mole. I’m definitely leaving this week with more questions than answers, but at the same time I don’t know if I want those answers. I’m holding on to a thread here, but Parona please! please be okay!!


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