This episode brought surge of nostalgia as it showed most of the original Inuyasha cast through a flashback from Hachiemon’s reminiscence. I missed Inuyasha’s straightforward attack, Kagome’s signature spiritual arrow shot, and Miroku’s difficulty in overcoming his womanizer habit and be devoted to Sango alone. To my disappointment, however, Shippou was the only one of the main cast who didn’t appear, making me even more wondering just where he is this whole time.

And I was right that Inuyasha and his friends did nothing wrong. The one at wrong was the racoon demon who misused his position to demand high pay taxes through using Takechiyo’s timid younger brother who was easy to be manipulated, thus, led the present Takechiyo and Hachiemon to request Moroha’s help in freeing the racoon demons from their tyrant leader and saved Takechiyo’s younger brother. The problem was, Moroha’s spiritual power was still not strong enough to seal the Full Moon Raccoon Dog demon, so for her to seal him away the same way Kagome did won’t be easy…or so that’s what I thought until I remembered that the episode has entered a new moon, which could give Moroha an advantage as the raccoon’s power weakened.

Sango and Kagome together are so cute!

Meanwhile, entering a new moon, both Towa and Setsuna lost their demonic powers, turning them into full humans. I gotta say, Setsuna was very pretty as a full human! For Setsuna, her transformation into a human was her hair grew longer and her eyes turned brown. Additionally, she became more vulnerable to fatigue, causing her to fall asleep during a mission, but not before she wrote down everything necessary to fight off the demons Kohaku and the others will fight later. Never thought I’m gonna see “Princess Setsuna” again! That hair and that kimono! She’s strikingly beautiful! I love her human form!

As for Towa’s side, Towa wasn’t wrong when she felt that Zero was similar to her. Both were kinda two sides of the same coin. Just like how Towa was very protective of Setsuna, Zero harbored strong feelings for Great Dog Demon and the regret of unable to prevent his death despite knowing his demise from the Shikon Jewel was eating her away. Towa was still lucky because when Setsuna died before, she could be revived using Tenseiga. If at that time she couldn’t save Setsuna, perhaps she would be swallowed by grief like Zero did. Riku wasn’t wrong about Towa’s love for Setsuna. Love between siblings is normal and it’s something good. However, in Towa’s case, the problem was she worries too much. She immediately became frustrated the moment she realized Setsuna would lose her demon power, almost panicking why she’s not by her side.

It’s not wrong to love and worrying for your sister, but Towa shouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it every single time, especially when she should’ve known how strong Setsuna and the rest of her friends are. I found Towas concern for Setsuna sometimes to be overbearing, very different from all the times Setsuna told Towa to stay put or go back to the modern time.

Speaking of which, I wonder what memory that Zero saw in Towa’s silver pearl that caught her interest. She specifically chose Towa to be her first target of elimination was most likely due to the memory she saw within the silver pearl. With Towa falling into Zero’s trap, how would she stall for time until she regained her demonic power in the sunrise?


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