Ah ha ha ha! Each episode of Visual Prison is a surprise! I never know what we’re going to get and it’s fun to not know what kind of episode they’ll give us each week. Last week we had a rather fun event with Camilla, and this week… well, we get some pretty darn emotional moments with Guil, and of course Ange doubting their entire relationship knowing that Yutaka, his father, and Guil were once close. Or more specifically, Yutaka is a part of Guil’s soul. The drama just keeps on building.

At first, I was really expecting this episode to be rather melancholic and emotional and it definitely was, but we also got the joy of spending time with the members of ECLIPSE which completely balanced out all the emotional turmoil that was boiling up around us. I also love that they were able to show us that Dimitri and Hyde weren’t this looming threat that we needed to be afraid of – instead, they were just living their lives and having fun. So, it’s nice to know that even though they are our competitors that they are just some vampires having a good time. Also, a huge shout out to Dimitri in particular. I laughed so many times with him and his personality. He’s a good guy! Just a little bit weird and that’s okay. Too bad he wasn’t able to take Odin along with him on the trip.

But among all the fun that ECLIPSE was having on joining Ange on this impromptu trip, things don’t seem to be going well for the members of OZ. Of course, some of them are really going through it, while others are just surrounded by those going through it. I mean, first we have Ange who just found out that one of his parents might be alive only then to immediately find out that his father was someone who was close to Guil in the past. That of course starts causing doubt to creep into his mind. He begins to think that Guil is only singing with him because he’s related to Yutaka. And I’ll admit that tropes like this really rub me the wrong way. I’m just not a big fan of misunderstandings that can blow way out of proportion. But I’ll also so that I like the way that they handled this episode. Guil and Ange never really fought, in fact it was pretty one sided on Ange’s part, but at least he separated and went home to collect his feelings and thoughts. (Well… alone with two tag-a-longs).

And of course, on the flipside of Ange’s dilemma, we have Guil who is actively dying. And at this point, I really wouldn’t put it past the anime to let him die by the end of the series. And I would love to know all of the sins that Guil committed to make the scarlet moon mad. Especially since his dialogue implies that he’s sinned multiple times. Guil, I want you to be alright, but no one can help you if you’re keeping everything to yourself. (I mean, Eve practically had to rip off his shirt to see how bad the damage was). He’s a tragic character with a lot of mystery surrounding him, but I’m impatient and want to know more about him now…. I hope the momentum for this episode will keep on going in next week’s.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode. I think there was a nice mix of fun and drama throughout. Plus, we got to hear ECLIPSE’s song, which I am a fan of. I love that we get to see more characters fleshed out as the story progresses. Sure, they may not be our main characters, but it’s always fun to learn more about those in rival groups. I really feel like we went through all the emotions this week, so I can’t wait to see how everything is going to play out in these final months before the Visual Prison!

(Also, I wasn’t sure about where to put this in the entry but – near the end of the episode Ange reaches out towards the sun as he declares that he wants to continue singing with OZ and it’s like a new start and moving forward while looking towards the future. But on the flipside of the that, Guil reaches out to the Scarlet Moon likely to represent his end  and his departure from the world. I don’t know if that was on purpose, but now I’m stressed !!!)


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