There are a whole lot of emotions floating around right now, but after this episode, I really do feel for Saga. But at the same time, I really appreciate his resolution at the end of the episode. He’s grown a lot since he became a vampire, and is finally able to express his feelings towards Mist. He’s also learning to move on from the ECLIPSE he was once a part of and fully embrace LOST EDEN. I really enjoyed seeing these different sides of him in the past couple of episodes.

And I’m glad that Saga is finding happiness with his new group! For a long while, his entire existence was devoted to Guil. I mean he followed him across the world and somehow managed to become a vampire along the way. He did it all for Guil, and when Guil welcomed him into the group and handed him the guitar… can you just imagine how happy Saga was in that moment? But it all comes crashing down around him. First, he watches Guil becoming enamored with a human and eventually leave ECLIPSE. I’m also really appreciative that they included Saga at the scene of Yutaka’s death. As much as he hated the guy he was willing to put things on the line to save him. In the end it really says a lot about his character. And as much as he wants to, Saga knows he’s not the one to help Guil over his grief… but then one day a random kid shows up and is able to connect with Guil more that Saga seemed to have. That would hurt… and I can understand if Saga is frustrated or upset by this development. I mean, Ange really just shows up, convinces Guil to join his band, and get him to sing again. I just feel bad for Saga. He did so much, and in the end it seems like he was almost cast aside along the way. (Now of course, Guil is his own person, and isn’t required to do anything for Saga, but it would have been nice to see some good times between the two.) But, I am happy that he’s able to find joy with the members of LOST EDEN, even if he doesn’t directly say it to their faces.

And speaking of the members of LOST EDEN, I like that Elizabeth and Jack were able to talk with Robin and Eve while Saga and Mist were focused on Ange. I think Jack and Robin really just had a much needed brotherly talk, but it was nice of them to reconcile along the way. I appreciate that Jack was able to relate to Robin in his worry for Ange; encouraging him not to have those thoughts in case he would come to resent his friend one day. Sometimes Jack can seem big brotherly :^). But if you ask me, I think Elizabeth had the bigger lift out of them… mostly because he had to deal with Eve and Carmilla. She was in a mirror and Eve was tied up, but if the vampire princess was going to show up, they needed to be ready for anything. But if I’m honest, I really don’t know what the resolution of that interaction was… They were talking about giving up their life or at least half of it, but what actually ended up happening? Did they get a scarlet tear? Is Ange going to give up being a vampire?? I have so many questions and only one episode left. I’m stressed!

But boy oh boy was I surprised when Guil showed up in the end! And his song? It gave me chills. “But I can still sing for you”. And everything that comes after it makes me sad for the final episode to come. Guil’s song feels like he’s getting ready for his grand finale, and I don’t know if I’m ready for that. Makoto Furukawa really knocked it out of the park with this song. Gah! I really don’t know how I feel! Anything can happen at the Visual Prison, but it’s very possible we’ll say good-bye to Guil for good! Here’s to hoping OZ can still sing together!!


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