This episode was so cute, I want to explode! I’ll be honest in that I really wasn’t feeling watching the episode today, but I’m so glad that I did because it was just so sweet to watch and really was a mood booster that I needed.

It’s the field day episode and one that seems to be focused on a wide range of characters. Which is pretty exciting considering that we don’t get to see most of the other characters, heck I completely forgot that Aizo’s brother and Arisa were characters in this series since we spent so little time with them before. But seeing all these characters having fun and genuinely just enjoying the day was so refreshing and nice to see.

There was definitely a lot of potential for things to get more dramatic in this episode, but I’m pleasantly surprised that they avoided a whole lot of drama. There could have been fighting and mean words said or maybe even an injury, but instead they all just got to do their silly little events and enjoy their school life. The closest thing we got to drama in this episode were just the jealous upper classmen and even then, they didn’t actually cause a whole lot of drama. They could have punched Yujiro when they were with him behind the school, but really, they just spurred his motivation to actually try his best in the race. So, congrats upperclassmen, you played yourselves. And as far as Aizo goes, I don’t really understand his relationship with his brother all that well? They mentioned in an earlier episode that the brother & his mom were always dating around, but that was about as far as we got. But oh well! It made him run like the wind in that final leg of the relay race so that they could all take home the victory.

But aside from this, there wasn’t much development of the main cast. Hiyori is having the time of her life because there are field day events to be run and she seems to be tasked with taking on more events because more all the girls wanted to do the relay race. Which! By the way, none of them actually swapped her for the relay race. There was that other poor girl who was just there the whole time to make sure their team had four runners. They didn’t even invite her for the interview…. But I guess that’s okay since I don’t even know her name. Thank you, sensei, for acknowledging her and giving her a piece of candy for dealing with the stress.

Shout out to Kotaro and Hina being absolutely adorable in this episode though. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen those two together so having them do the three-legged race together was honestly a treat! I don’t know very much about them, but I’m rooting for them!! And then there was Juri and Kou,,,, their smiles say it all! They really like each other, it’s just so cute!!

And the ending?? Omg that was so cute to hear Kotaro and Ken’s voice actors sing Romeo. I’m not going to lie, I almost cried hearing the opening to the ending and seeing Hina up on the throne. It was such a good way to end the episode! I feel super satisfied after watching this episode! And naturally, the title for the next episode is quite the cliffhanger! A scandal??? Oh ho ho! I wonder what Hiyori, Aizo, and Yujiro get swept up in next week.


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