These past two episodes have been sort of in the filler phase, but at the very least they have been sweet and fun to watch! So the fact it’s not boring me is a win in itself, which is often the case when we’re working in between two major arcs.

Episode 25 introduced us to the newest Bundoru Gang grunt. A robot called Spiritoru that was built by Narcistoru, powered by a *special Delicioustone (later explained in episode 26 that it’s something that only Mari and Fennel were known to have, and the one who could create these special stones no longer exist). He was certainly a surprise considering how I had thought we were about to see Narcistoru get a bit more serious, but instead it feels like he is just finding a more creative way to be lazy, or perhaps bid his time preparing for something more reliable and powerful to use while Spiritoru does work for him in the mean time. That said, Spiritoru’s personality is… how to I put it? A perfect mix of silliness? He honestly doesn’t come off as “evil”, much less a “mean” sort, and we also saw how he was unexpectedly helpful at the camp camp– though he still eventually ruined everyone’s food by turning it into pixels haha. His cheer was probably the thing that threw me off the most, but ep 26 clarified that there is actually purpose to do it, and that’s actually powering up the monsters. Either way, he is making me laugh, so his job as a humorous character seems to be off on a good start.

Episode 26 was about finding ways to overcome to the green peppers’ bitterness and it was incredibly cutely done. This was yet another episode where there isn’t much to say about it, but was very entertaining to watch. It had me laughing from start to finish thanks to the golden expressions from both Kokone and Kome-Kome and the questionable choice of music choice to further dramatize the events of eating green peppers. It was also really fun to see Takumi more involved this episode. The poor guy found himself running all over the place, from chasing the speedy Spiritoru on foot when he saw him running through town, running from the monster trying to steamroll them, and then having to rush back home when the girls suddenly brought up how they wanted to eat Takumi’s cooking as soon as they were done with the fight haha. Oh, and I almost forgot: It was super funny when he had noticed how much Kome-Kome had grown as well. It’s rather hilarious that nobody really thinks much of it considering how absurdly fast she has been growing up!

Since we’re in a filler phase, depending on how much I have to say during this period, there may be times when I decide if the entry feels too short because I don’t really have enough to say about it, I will do a triple post instead (which I had initially considered doing for this post actually with next week’s episode). So just a heads up in case I have to start doing that!

Next week, looks like it’s Ran turn to have some fun with Kome-Kome with her big “Happiness Plan”!


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