I take back everything that I’ve said. Give me back the slice-of-life silly moments of To Your Eternity. I knew things were going to get intense and sad, but man their deaths were so anti-climatic that it just hurt. They have been with us for quite a number of episodes now, but to know that they are lost on the first night of the war just hurts all that much more. But what I want to know more is: did Kahaku kill all three of them? Or just Messar and the other two fell due to the lack of Fushi’s protection? 

I’ve been saying this whole time that Fushi cannot fight this war by himself and I think most of our named cast knows that. However, things are just so much easier when he’s around. Bon, in particular, does seem to rely heavily on Fushi, but that is likely due to the fact that he is not a fighter. Kai, Hairo, and Messar were all quick to fight against the Nokkers and keep the battle moving without immediately giving in. I just wish they weren’t up against such a terrible enemy. To be honest, I feel a little bit cheated with their deaths. I wish we could see more than what Eko saw – what did all three of them see in the moments leading up to their deaths? What regrets do they still have? I shouldn’t complain too much yet since it seems like they may be returning in the upcoming episode. Haha, what a surprise Fushi is going to have. But perhaps we shouldn’t let his emotions go through the ringer. We have a lot more downhill to go before things will start looking up. 

On a more positive note, March is back for real and it’s going to bring a whole other slew of emotions to see her back again. I really want to know how that realization is going to work for Fushi! Can he still transform into her if her soul has been returned? Can he still remember her since she’s no longer a husk? There are so many ways these developments can go that will be so painful to experience, but I just really need to know. I have questions. I want March to be happy. I want Fushi to be happy. I want all of the friends we’ve made along the way to be happy!! Kahaku is on thin ice though. Aside from protecting Fushi, he’s a descendant of Hayase and has killed people we’ve cared about. So, I don’t think there are too many things working in his favor. 

Kahaku very much only has Fushi on the brain. He couldn’t care less about all of Fushi’s companions. Even though we’ve been living together and cooking together, he won’t hesitate to kill them in a moment’s notice. Messar was probably going to die anyway due to being hit by a Nokker. However, it just really seemed like we were quick on the draw to kill him. Maybe I’m just looking for reasons to be mad at Kahaku. I just tried so hard to like him and every few episodes I am just reminded about how many better characters there are. At this point, I’m hoping for a full blown Hayase arc with him. Will I be upset and mad the whole time? Yes, but at least I can hate him with my whole being. 

Ah! I guess I should talk a little bit more about the actual war that is going on – or that started near the end of this episode. Again, Fushi is fighting this war all on his own. So much so that some of the soldiers think that this is going to be a cake walk. Little does everyone know, Fushi has some limits. After keeping all of Renril safe & then some, eventually he collapses – unable to transfer to another body or continue helping and things just go downhill from there. I’m sorry Fushi, but good intentions just can’t keep a whole kingdom alive!! I really wish you would have put in more effort to help everyone prepare and train rather than just rely on completely rebuilding the kingdom !! People would have still died, but it wouldn’t be all on your shoulders!!

So once again, I am stressed!! The war is not going well and we still have 5 more episodes left!! To Your Eternity hit me with your best shot. 


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