That was an absolute doozy of an episode. Not necessarily because of the action, but more so due to watching multiple suicides happening in the course of one episode. I missed Kai, Hairo, and Messar and I’m glad that they are back, but I did not need to watch them die over and over again for the purpose of this war! I’m glad that they get to be Fushi’s immortal warriors, but hoo… there’s a whole lot to unpack there, but I’d rather just leave the bag zipped.

This week we continue the battle against the Nokkers in Renril and once again Fushi has not learned that he can rely on others. He tries to take the battle on all by himself, trying to transform the moment he felt any inclination of fatigue. Some bodies worked really well for fighting, while others only allowed him a reset and a dodge before he would need to change. I specifically really enjoyed Fushi trying out each of the warrior’s bodies. Hairo, unable to feel pain, is the one Fushi can maneuver in the longest. However, he is unable to feel the pain of those around him and his own fatigue, leaving him to place a time limit on the usage. Next, Kai has the suit of armor, which does a great deal to protect him from some of aimless Nokker attacks. I like that they say that Messar’s body is nothing to be impressed with, but he does have a gun! And you know what? They are faster and more dangerous than everything else they got, so good for you Messar. How on earth did you get that in your pant leg? But all this transforming does come at a price. Number 1 there is the exhaustion. And number 2, there are more bodies to lose. The Nokkers once again steal Oniguma, which is a huge bummer because I feel like they get taken the most and for sheer power they are probably the strongest — and they are most certainly the biggest ally that Fushi has in his arsenal of vessels. At some point, the unnamed boy is stolen from him, but quickly retrieved during the biggest reveal of the episode: the return of the three warriors.

Their return was already hinted at in the previous episode, so this was to be expected and I’m happy that all three of them get to keep coming back. But that has now unlocked a new fear. What happens when they can no longer come back? When the war is all over, and they feel completely satisfied, will they finally move on? Will they eventually leave Fushi like so many have already? That is a question to be answered at a later time though! Because we need to make it to the end of this battle in order to actually sit down and get some answers. Unless, of course, Kahaku tries to throw everyone under the bus before the final battle. Granted, I don’t think Kahaku is keeping very many allies, so I’m not super worried about him convincing others to turn on each other. However, I am more worried about him on his own and the damage that he can do. We may have a rogue Nokker on our side, but that doesn’t mean we should be trusting either of them!!

Every week, I feel like I comment about how stressed I am for the next episode, but if there’s anything I think this series does well, it’s leaving us with a good enough cliffhanger that I want to come back to each week. Granted, I feel like March has been the cliffhanger for the last couple of weeks, but I just want her and Fushi to meet up again because I want to be emotionally devastated by their reunion. March has been looking for him since she woke up. Fushi has felt her presence & has very strong connections to her. I just want them to have a happy, but tearful reunion. I also… really hope that she’s able to talk about Bon as well! As she’s been hanging out with the crew, Bon has specifically moved around her stuffed crab for her. She’s allowed to be mad at him for keeping secrets, but I don’t think March would hate him. I’m just ever worried about a friendship fight between Bon and Fushi, and I desperately don’t want that to happen. Either way, here’s to hoping for a March & Fushi reunion next week !!


I live up to my username, but I hope we can be friends!