I need Takemitchy to understand that every little thing that he does accomplish does not mean the future is changed for the better. I mean, how many times in this episode did he convince himself that he changed the future? Listen. Takemitchy. You are going to need to survive this entire Christmas night to even have hope at protecting everyone in the future. Listen. We just had a whole previous season where you changed an outcome. Things are still bad in the future.

Really, after you can escape from the church, you should go after Kisaki. There are other bad guys to deal with, but at the end of the day he always seems to be in the center of it all !! Take care of him first and then deal with even more of the bad guys !! I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for trusting Kisaki this time around because his desire to help you seemed genuine… to the point where even I started to trust him. But sometimes there are just characters who are bad for the sake of being bad and I think he fits right in that category. I’d love to hear the motivations directly from Kisaki though, because I think I’m missing a few puzzle pieces. I mean, in the future when he tries to kill Takemitchy, he calls him his hero & in current day we don’t know anything about Kisaki’s connection to everyone outside of what was given to us in last week’s episode. Is he lying in the future too? Or is Takemitchy truly his hero?

Either way, he’s bad at showing gratitude. He offers to help us, knowing that he is just going to betray Takemitchy for fun and now Chifuyu, who earnestly does want to help is stuck tied up in a vestry. And after all the dramatics with the Baji flashback… it feels like an unfortunate development for him. Now, I really liked Baji in the first season. I wish he would come back. But the flashback did nothing for me. I can tell that they were trying to show us that Chifuyu is moving forward by the passing of Baji’s ribbons to Takemitchy, but I felt nothing and that really bums me out! I wanted more drama! More emotion! More conversations with Chifuyu either with himself or Takemitchy! There was just so much that could have been done to make the moment more impactful, but it really just left me disappointed. However, I’m still hoping we’ll get a little bit more from him seeing as we’re only at the beginning of this Christmas Showdown. 

Things… are not going well for Takemitchy… or really anyone else in the church right now. Hakkai’s plans are being foiled by both his sister, his friend, and of course Taiju just being an absolute beast. Yuzuha attempted to kill her brother, but missed and got punched in the face and is now having Taiju claim that he has to kill her. Takemitchy hasn’t actually improved the situation in the slightest aside from just making the whole family dynamic even more strained. And Taiju, despite having the biggest upperhand, is having to deal with this all on Christmas and in a church. Granted, I don’t think he really cares about the fact that he is in a church seeing that he has ripped up pews and thrown them around. It’s a place of prayer, but I guess you can also pray with violence. So, I’m really interested to know where things develop from here. Part of me wants us to dive more in the Christianity aspect they’ve given Taiju. Part of me wants to know exactly what Taiju sees with his family. And of course, part of me wants to see him in jail (if he has to make it out alive). 

I really don’t know how we’re going to get out of this situation. It’s not looking good for anyone. And of course, Mikey & Draken can’t come in and save the day because they don’t really know what’s going on, unless Kisaki gets them involved as a means to hurt Takemitchy. Mitsuya is also completely oblivious to what is going on… unless he expects this from fellow Toman members. Maybe I’m being too hopeful that someone will come in and save the day. Ah, well, we still have half the season left – I hope you all survive! 


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