Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 6

We're finally into volume 2, and Anne has since left Westol and headed off to Philax after receiving a generous tip of an opportunity to make good money if she could craft a Silver Sugar piece that satisfies the Duke of Philax, William Alburn.

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Kiznaiver Episode 5

After a couple episodes of kind of floundering around, I'm glad that they picked up on the plot with this episode. And boy did they really lay one into us.…

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Mononogatari Episode 5

This week's Mononogatari episode introduced four characters that before have only been shown in the opening sequence. The first two are Kai and Itsuki, part of Kyoto's big three Tsukumogami…

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Mononogatari Episode 4

This week's Mononogatari episode became one of my favorites so far, as it finally, officially, dropped the big bomb to Hyoma. I know that it has been hinted very clearly…

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