Area no Kishi Ep 3: W-wh-what the hell is going on?!

This is probably the only thing I’m satisfied about this episode. Kakeru looks absolutely handsome in this shot.
Kakeru learns that he is alive because of his brother’s heart-transplant after his brother was confirmed to be brain-dead.

Impression Rant:
W-wh-what the hell is going on?!
What. I… What?!
I don’t fucking believe this.
First of all, the animation was considerably terrible. I’m shocked at how soon the quality dropped. I’m expecting the next episode to be better, obviously this wasn’t their priority as Kakeru was in the hospital for most of the episode and abuse of anime-orignal-flashbacks.
Second, THEY WENT TOTALLY OFF TRACK. They- like- the flashbacks they had did NOT happen in the manga! Instead they added their own orignal childhood memories which were total bullshit. Seriously. Arg! I’m so annoyed with how they done it! IT WASN’T THAT COMPLICATED!!!!  THEY COMPLETELY FUCKED UP THE DIALOGUE AND EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED, OH MY FREAKING GOD. *FLIPS TABLE*
I can’t, this is like- GOD!
You know what, if they continue to fuck this up. You won’t be seeing me cover this much longer, nor will I be watching it. As much as I love soccer series, I do not appreciate seeing anime-orignal bullshit when all that made-up flashback time could’ve been used exactly and directly what happened in the manga.
It is bittersweet in a sense that Suguru’s heart is now Kakeru’s. So in a way, one could say that Suguru’s is a part of him. Yuusuke and Nana already both sense Suguru’s presence both by the stance and the personality that is plaguing Kakeru. Before long, if this keeps up Kakeru will be back on the field in no time.
Overall, this horrible episode for anyone who read the manga and are extremely picky about how well Animes adapt to it, if you don’t care- then you should be perfectly fine. For now, I’m raging, I did not enjoy this episode at all.
I hate to say it, but this is a terrible start for Area no Kishi.


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