Mouretsu Pirates Episode 1 [First Impression]: Because Space Pirates are just that awesome.

Alright guys, I’ll be honest here. Unless this show was to turn out complete crap, I doubt anything could have made me hate this show when it started. I was so excited for this show, that I was fangirling before I even pressed the play button. Why’s that? BECAUSE IT’S ABOUT FUCKING PIRATES. IN FUCKING SPACE. That single concept suddenly made this show so absolutely badass, that they simply couldn’t mess it up. Seriously.

I have too many things to say about this, therefore I’ll simply do this in point form:
1) First off, the concept is so great. The war, the pirates in space, the world that was created, I love it all, and it’s the main thing so far that has got me completely hooked by the originality of it. Moreover, there were so many awesome gadgets that Marika used on an everyday basis, and I loved them all I wish I could have some of those.

I wish that was our Google...

2) The humour is awesome. The show is funny, entertaining, yet still has that awesome feel to it, and I feel as though there will be times where this show will be action packed and full of fun. It’s a funny yet badass show, and started off really well.
3) Kato Marika’s flying skills were super cool.
4) The art is really nice, the animation is great, and everything looks super pretty
5) …Do I see romance? DO I?!?! Unless Kane McDougal is actually married… Let’s hope not… What, I’m a romance freak, leave me alone.
Bishounen has been spotted. I'm watching this.

6) I don’t know much about the storyline yet, but the show has a very good base to find a bunch of incredible ideas in terms of plot. I’m very excited for this!
7) Kurihara Chiaki and her love of parfaits have won me over already
Alright, so in the end, I am completely fangirling. I don’t know is the “awesome” feeling will stick, I dunno if this show will stay as badass as it is, but right now I am so entranced by the feeling that this is about fucking space pirates that I absolutely love this already. Let’s hope that this stays as awesome as it looks!
Possibility of watching: Yes
Possibility of blogging: IT’S MINE!!!! Everyone back off!!!! hiss
 Kaitou’s Impressions
I’m hooked; line, sinker and everything that goes along with putting the fish on the table. School girls? Pirates? MEIDOS? keels over laughing OK, sarcasm over. Moretsu Pirates is a mixed dish of sweet and sweeter things that make anime the way it is today- sugar, spice, and a whole lot of nice animation. The story starts out with Marika in her normal existence, going to school, working part-time in a maid café.
It gets interesting when real pirates come a-knockin’ on her door, and it turns out that piracy runs in the blood. The letter of marquee is what excuses them from this kind of activity, and the studio gets points for trying to be accurate, even though this show throws common sense out the window (in a low scale, not like in Di Gi Charat).
Where will this story go? With mysterious persons popping up and the Kurihara Chiaki moe-mode for parfaits to support the episode, this is going to be a heady rush, because we’re heading into unexplored territory. OK, sure, girls piloting things is not new, but the sheer daring to throwing all the good things that make people excited together into one dish can turn out to be a horrible cooking experiment or an unforgettable trope in the making.
Why is there only one bishonen in this show? D: WHERE IS THE MANLY-GOODNESS? That’s OK, Kane is married (not that it ever stopped anyone), but it’s a good change to see strong female leads in the story about space adventure and pirates. I’m looking forward to watching how Marika takes up the mantle of her bloodline, and trials and errors and successes.
The biggest draw: the technology. The school setting makes it familiar enough for people to be drawn in, but there’s some key differences between the time that they’re in and the current time, so that will be something to watch out for. More sexy ships and pilots? Yes, please.
Possibility of watching: Yes
Possibility of blogging: Maybe

One thought on “Mouretsu Pirates Episode 1 [First Impression]: Because Space Pirates are just that awesome.”

  1. Arr, I see Myst declared this quest to be hers alone. Who knows whether this treasure will turn out to be gold.
    LOL, but seriously speaking I already love the gadgets involved! <3 The characters look interesting even though we barely know anything about them - and that bishie is like, I was all "AWWWW" when he claimed he is married. You aren’t the only one who has the romance radar running Who knows, perhaps another hottie will appear for romance to take place for our charming heroine!

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