Shakugan no Shana III Ep 14: Losing the Reason to Fight

Sairei no Hebi reveals his ambitions of creating another world called Xanadu, a place solely for Tomogaras to exist as it will have an unlimited supply of Power of Existence. However following the announcements he causes the Flame Haze to question themselves as result of getting confused and start going insane creating chaos amongst their parties.

Last season Margery told us how Flame Hazes all have a reason to fight, and earlier this season when Sairei no Hebi revealed the truth about Silver, we saw Margery in a dreadful state- and this is precisely what’s happening with the Flame Haze at the moment. Due to Sairei’s call that it’s already over, they  lost their purpose for fighting they all go insane and are put in an extremely vulnerable situation.
It appears that Yuuji himself doesn’t understand the consequences with Flame Haze losing their purpose. I wasn’t surprised with why he agreed to collaborate with Sairei no Hebi in the first place, since he too – as a Myst understood that they lived in a very cruel world and that for the Tomogara to survive they need existence and everyday and every second that passed, someone’s existence is consumed and forgotten. Therefore he agrees that there should be a world for the Tomogara alone where they can be at peace. However like I just said, Yuuji doesn’t understand the reason behind the existence of Flame Haze, therefore he has a one-track mind along with the fact that all he cares about Shana as his purpose of doing so is to ‘help’ her as well. Sairei no Hebi given his speech and listed the reasons, followed by an exclamation saying that everything will run smoothly. However just how much of that is really true? There’s another reason why he was sealed, and it appears it’s more of a dark secret within the Flame Haze society as there were those who weren’t fazed by the speech, telling themselves not to listen, it’s not true. LIES! ALL LIES!

Overall this episode was pretty good for developments,  it continues to push the plot forward without any delays. Yuuji was one sexy beast this episode, I mean look at him-gorgeous right? With those bangs down, he looks like a total bishie!  But that aside his one-track mind right now will most likely draw some nasty consequences, and right now I have a feeling that it’s going to be the Human World (where his parents and friends are) and the Flame Haze who (are already) will be paying the price/dealing with the side effects of creating Xanadu.

Shana was adorable as ever when she was flustered for a second when Sophie told her that she should change out of her torn dress into something more suitable for battle.
And seriously, like Domino- I’ve been wondering for a while now: WHO THE HELL IS THAT ROFOCALE?!?! He’s like a wanderer and knows the history like no other! Clearly’s his important and close enough to Sairei no Hebi himself to had entered the Divine Gate. >_> Why do I have a feeling he’s super powerful? Either way it appears he’s leaving the area and moving on to where the next ‘chapter’ of his tales will continue… Or so that’s what I think he’s doing hahaha.
The new OP wasn’t as pumped up as the previous one, but it really was symbolic considering this is the last season, therefore (most probably) the last OP we’ll ever see for this show. It was really sweet, and visually gorgeous.
Oh and last but not least:
RIP Turbulent Ungula, Fecor ;A;


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