Wow. I seriously do not think I ever have read the subtitled word “Boob” more times in a single episode than I did with this episode. I Hot damn.

The episode starts out with the latest comic convention being over. So they all decide to go to a hot spring to celebrate, including the manga artist that used to go out with director.

Yep, it’s the hot springs episode. Surprised it took the show THIS long.

So they get to the hot springs and the girls get naked thinking that they’re walking into the hot spring. Except they’re not.


Thoroughly embarrassed, they then end up at the actual hot springs, where what else could possibly happen? They compare boobs sizes. Because dear god, it would not be a hot spring episode…if boob sizes weren’t compared. I think it’s like a law or something.

This is how we say hello in Japan in a hotspring!
This is how we say hello in Japan in a hotspring!

After they’re done messing around, everyone gets changed and starts to have fun.

oh. oh wait a moment. I forgot something very interesting. Um, apparently this hot spring is having a special event crossover. and um….yeah.

I....I don't even.
I….I don’t even.

Yeah I can’t believe I forgot THAT little tidbit there.

Then something that I was actually interested in happens. Director shows up and sees Kameko has taken a lot of pictures, however, he notices that she isn’t in any of them. She then flashes back to see all the other “couples” doing their own thing, and it’s actually implied that she feels kind of like the 3rd wheel with no romantic option of her own. And…it’s kind of sad. And it makes me want Kameko to find love even more. Also because Hiotan and director is fucking stupid.

Ohhh poor Kameko (hugs)
Ohhh poor Kameko (hugs)

Then the manga girl from last episode gets drunk and tells director she still likes him, but he tells her there’s someone else, as the show wants you to believe it’s Hiotan. He doesn’t say it, but the show wants you to infer this. (If the show is trolling us and it turns out to be Kameko that would be amazing by the way and I would give mad props to this show) And of course, Hiotan hears this.

Yeah, that's about the reaction i'd expect.
Yeah, that’s about the reaction i’d expect.

Part 2 takes place at the end of summer when they’re putting away the summer merchandise and taking out the fall stuff. Hiotan still has the events of part 1 on her mind and is acting awkward around the director and he’s noticing she’s acting weird.

After she cuts herself accidentally on a box she goes into the backroom alone with him for her to get fixed up. She then tries to ask him if he likes her, but it comes out as, “Do you like boobs?” and “Whose boobs do you like better?” in which he goes on this monologue on why he loves boobs for a good 3 minutes.

I'm um...not sure if angels would be saying that.
I’m um…not sure if angels would be saying that.

Frustrated, Hiotan runs out and cries as the director is left being incredibly confused about what the hell was going on.

End of Episode.

This episode was a weird one. And that’s saying something for this show. It seems the later the series progresses the more they seem to think we care about the relationships. And um….I really don’t care about Sensei/Umio or Hiotan/Director. I really really couldn’t care less. I want the wacky manga antics. STOP WITH THE ROMANCE STUFF DAMN IT!

There were a few cool head nods in this episode to other animes such as “Attack on Uncle” or when the manga artist girl acted as if she had a scouter from dragonball z

Scouter jokes are always welcome
Scouter jokes are always welcome

But…unfortunately the jokes are beginning to get lost in the shuffle as more and more they’re trying to shove romance down my throat. This isn’t a romance show. I don’t know why they’re trying to play it off like it is one. It’s meant to be a wacky comic pary-esc anime otaku show. I don’t understand why they’re doing this.

Oh. and i’ll say it again. HIOTAN X DIRECTOR IS FUCKING STUPID. I do not feel ANY chemistry from them whatsoever and it irritates me. Because I know once they get together in a room alone it will be awkward and I won’t be able to enjoy anything in the scene.

I’m really losing interest and faith in this show. It started out with such strong promise and they’re really wasting it.

They were talking about boobs SO MUCH in this episode that it stopped being cool and went to me actually saying “Are we done talking about boobs?” and for me…that’s crazy talk.

I keep saying “Hopefully next episode will be better” but I still mean it. I mean, granted, technically it’s better than last episode, but that’s just because last episode set the bar so damn low.

haha. it's funny because she's embarrassed about- FUCK YOU
haha. it’s funny because she’s embarrassed about- FUCK YOU

I’m actually very interested to see where things go with Kameko. Her, Sommelier/Fuu and the inspector lady are the 4 characters making me interested in this show. I do not give a shit about the rest of them. I officially dislike Hiotan now. She seriously has gotten on my last nerve. Go the fuck away.

I want to see more Kameko. I want to see her be happy and get some development Damn it! Go work on that show. Because you sure as hell aren’t making me happy any other way.

Episode 5/10

Awww don't give up Kameko! You'll find love one day!
Awww don’t give up Kameko! You’ll find love one day!