Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 58: The Death Expirence

Jack finally meets up with Carly to have their fated Duel. He questions her how and why she became a Dark Signer and learns that she was killed in the process when she was doing some investigations, hoping to get a little closer to him this way. Carly starts the duel and catches Jack off guard with her aggressive nature and critical blow against him within her first attack. Jack can’t help but hold back, fearing what may be the result of Carly’s fate if he defeats her. The Dark Signer then activates a trap card: Prophecy of the Future King that she drew when she was checking her fortune before the duel and shows Jack a vision of what awaits them in the future. In the mean time, Yusei finds himself alone unsure whether he’s dead or not. Before he realizes it several souls appears that hold a grudge against him and try pulling him deeper into the ground. He then finds himself saved by a voice and a light the frees him from the angered souls.



Whoa, what can I say? The production team did an excellent job with how they set everything up. They made it so we couldn’t tell who’s dead and who’s not. It was really fun to see “Prophecy of the Future King” where Jack had died and Carly revived him as a Dark Signer, thus they became the ones in control of Hell. Of course it was rather obvious that Jack was dreaming, on the other hand Yusei seems to be at the brink of death and was almost about to be consumed by whatever and souls that have a grudge against him and his family. Then he was saved by the light that had told him it was far too soon to be dying who was most certainly his father. Not to mention obvious too, anyone can see that from a mile away as soon as they see a crab-head.
This episode was very exciting to watch and it was cool to see Carly on a D-Wheel, rather than drive a car, she should drive one of those. So it took 58 episodes before we finally got to see a woman riding a D-Wheel (a wicked D-Wheel while we’re at it). That alone took long enough! One of the things, which I have mentioned in the past is that I wonder if there’s a way for Jack to save her. The pace however, I found the episode just flew right by. Also seriously, I can’t figure out how Jack ends up with some sort of forehead wound that makes him bleed when he got a solid helmet – it’s like really random how the blood  runs down his face just, out of blue you know? I get that he ran through the spikes, but in that case I’d assume his legs getting injured.


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