Beelzebub Episode 3: Plan "Get rid of Baby Beel" #1 = FAIL. patient, Oga. Very, very, very, very, VERY patient.

Well, we start off the episode once again in humour as we meet our “not-so-small” cute little baby, who really isn’t that small, in fact he’s grown to be a gigantic dragon and no one accepts him he might not look like a baby anymore but I still feel sad for him D:. Of course, as we all pretty much guessed since Baby Beel can’t be anything else but our little naked cutie-pie he was last episode, it was all Oga’s dream and our favourite Demon Baby is still a baby. Right before the opening, a narrator pops in and explains the basic storyline of the show which means I probably could’ve skipped the first 2 episodes right away… Meh. (more…)

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Fractale Episode 2

Creating Chaos is always fun! :'D

After investigating the amulet Phyrne left him, out pops out a young girl who clearly knows nothing about their world. (more…)

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