My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Ep 1: LOL. [First Impression]

This anime features a high school guy named Kousaka Kyousuke and his popular, pretty, intelligent and involved little sister, Kirino. They pretty much ignore each other and don’t get along very well, until Kyousuke finds out accidentally that his little sister is addicted to little sister porn games, therefore making her an otaku. Kirino then decides to share her secret with her brother, so that they can both make sure no one finds out about it. The little sister then makes her brother try the games out so that he can see what kind of game it is, and see if it really is a weird thing to have or not.


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Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep 1: Surprisingly Enjoyable [First Impression]

Three men from the military are put in charged of being representatives for the Ministry of  Spirits Affairs organization. In order to proceed this mission, they will among the spirits in order to keep an eye on them. There they meet three Yokai girls who they each are partnered up with to complete this task.
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Yumeiro Patissiere SP Professional Episode 1 [Season 2]

Oh my my my! What a way to start season 2! The Opening made me laugh hysterically. While the song was catchy and enjoyable, I found the opening itself so corny (it was somewhat disturbing I don’t know, kind of made me blush!) and “magical girl-like”. The Ending sequence was very adorable, and the song too was very enjoyable as well! =w= Gahhh I’m already loving this! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *SHOT* (more…)

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MM! Episode 1: Mega Masochist


Sado Taro has this problem. He happens to be a genuine masochist and in order to fix this problem he goes to the volunteer club referred by his friend Hayama Tatsukichi , so that he can finally confess to the girl he has a crush on. Only there were a few things about the volunteer club, which he was not aware about…They happen to be very physical when they are pissed off. Of course this makes this club a paradise of pleasure. The President Isurugi Mio agrees to help him and tries several different aggressive tactics in hopes that after Sado suffering enough pain the masochism will go away.
In the end, his first crush was his best friend who loves to cross-dress who had to confess that it was him all long and apologized. As result Sado finds himself now as a member for the volunteer cub, where is constantly abused and fulfilled with pleasure.

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Iron Man Episode 1 [First Impression]

Tony Stark comes to Japan to work on a particular project to pursuit his goals of World Peace. He must adapt to the culture and ways of society in Japan in order to have the people trust and favor him.  In the mean time, he seeks to find a new candidate to become the next Iron Man so that he can successfully retire. However with his Dio production being somehow hacked, Tony finds himself forced to fight. (more…)

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Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 50 [Season 1 END]

Although I never covered Yumeiro Patissiere’s first season here, I have been keep track of it and writing about it in my journal at LJ. So because it was one of the series I have been keeping track of for such a long time, and its first season have finally come to an end, I decided to share my post here, and give you guys a quick idea of how I typically would blog. I do plan to add more stuff (such as more screencaps) into my future entries, so please look forward to it.


This was certainly an exciting episode. I’m pleased how they finished it off overall, so I can’t wait for season 2 to start next week.
There were a few things that were just made me go, “WTF?!”, but whatever. I won’t let it bug me.
Final Impression:

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