My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 10: The Drama Queen is back!

Wow, Ayase is so incredibly dramatic for such trivial things, I’m telling you.
This week she “needs Kyousuke’s help”. I swear, the way she says it in the episode sound sooooo dramatic, and then we learn that all she needs help for is to find a gift for Kirino -_-‘. So anti-climatic, gee. (more…)

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 9: Amazing character development

…Why do I like this?
………. Why am I deeply enjoying this?

I know Ayase barely shows up in this episode, but I just found she was so pretty, I had to put her there.

This week we witness Kirino’s character evolve and level up a thousand times, and that’s not including the mind blowing Super Saiyan transformations that happen in her head. Yep, Kirino finally realizes she likes Kyousuke. (more…)


The World Only God Knows Episode 8: A normal day in the Katsuragi family…

Yep, this week well it was last week because I’m really late, sorry about that, anyways I’ll leave it at that was another of those in-between episodes showing off Elci’s cuteness, Keima’s heartlessness and Keima’s mom’s…Nakedness? Yeah… That kinda screwed me over, but then again I’m a girl and don’t get turned on when I see boobs… Anyways, on with the summary trying out a new style of writing too, so we’re all going to be living a new experience together =D Ok, I shut up.
This week we witness how a regular day in the Katsuragi family goes by, from each and every point of view of the characters. (more…)

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