Bleach 297: Extensible sword and Transformation

It sure has been a while, About a whole week !


Ichigo engages Gin in combat, slowly discovering the secret of his Zanpakutō, in the meantime Isshin overwhelming power pushes Aizen to his limits. But even at it’s limit Aizen as yet another trick up his sleeves, the power of the Hōgyoku. Aizen explains what the Hōgyoku really is and he begin his transformation…until someone we all excepted to come showed up and slowed down his transformation.



Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep 7: A Tearjerking Reunion


Nuuu!!! DON'T DISAPPEAR! \\;^;//

Agemaki is asked back home to visit his family by his servant. He asks Zakuro to accompany him and agree to get a list of things that she wanted in exchange. Zakuro discovers that there’s a spirit in the house that has to do with Agemaki’s start of fearing spirits.
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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 7: *holding up rant*

holding up rant
holding up rant
holding up rant

Ok, I think I should be good enough not to rant about the stupid incest during this blog post. I am sincerely sorry (well, kind of) for the people who watch this show and enjoy incest, but I have LOTS of trouble reviewing this sometimes, although it is a very  good show.

priceless imitation.

This week, Kuroneko and Saori are supposed to come over for a screening of Meruru. (more…)


Katanagatari Ep 11: The Beginning of the End

It starts with what we didn’t see last episode, behind the scenes of how Penguin was severely wounded and left on the roadside. Turns out he and Houou encounters Emonzaemon, where as the two of them have a standoff without wepons. Penguin panics and throws Dokutō Mekki which was a huge mistake. As result, Houou gets possessed by Dokutō Mekki and ends up wounding both Emonzaemon and Penguin. (more…)


MM! episode 7: Insanity, cuteness, wtf moments, this show is quite good indeed.

Weeeeeeell, I had figured out that Mio was kind of dumb, considering she still hadn’t noticed that punching Tarou would never cure his masochism, but this episode concluded that thought. Mio is INSANE!
In this week’s episode, Mio decides to be completely stupid and bring Tarou to a beach where swimming is not allowed because there’s a shark alert. She then obviously decides to make Tarou swim (idiot). When that fails, the crabs are next. Now obviously this plan fails also Mio’s just dumb like that . So what Mio decides using her AHEMsmart thinking, that the best way of curing Sado Tarou’s masochism is to play whack the watermelon with his head(Yep, stupidity rules this girl’s brain)! (more…)

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Kuragehime Ep 4: Tears + Hugs + Jealously +Nosebleeds = SPAZZ ATTACK!


Tsukimi is feeling down after having roasted potatoes around a fire due to her memories she shared with her mother. She decides to go to the Aquarium to look at the Jellyfish, hoping to cheer her up. Kuranosuke goes with her, casting the magical makeover spell that fools his brother Shuu once more as he accompanies them. Feelings starts to get out of hand, from sadness, to comfort to jealousy, to freaking out. (more…)


The World Only God Knows Episode 6: Depression, dependance, happiness, then disappearance… Talk about a moody girl!

Oh my gosh, does this girl give Keima trouble. I thought Aoyama was kind of stubborn and annoying with her aristocracy crap, until I met Kanon. You try to ignore her, she talks to you more, if you still ignore her, she electrifies you with tazers, and if you actually start talking to her, she calls you 50 times a day for any possible reason. Gosh, I feel SO bad for Keima.


Bleach Ep 296 Ichigo I am your Father !


My name is ZeroG and I’m a  new member of the crew here, there were so many women they had to call upon me to be their Pimp and offer them protection, so here I am now! From today onward I shall cover Bleach episodes every Tuesday! Please enjoy and comments and what not I’m supposed to say for an intro.

Intro bleach 296


Aizen finished explaining to Ichigo that he is the mastermind responsible for every battle Ichigo ever had to go through. Ichigo, stunned and confused by this new information, engaged Aizen… but without success. Aizen then proceeded to start revealing Ichigo’s own past, but before he could finish, a familiar sillouet appears and stops Aizen half sentence. Who is this mysterious new fighter?


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