Card Captor Sakura Ep 3: Time to Chill Out

I didn't know that water was stretchable...

Sakura and her class goes for a fieldtrip at the aquarium. She and her friends go to watch the Penguin when suddenly during the show the woman and a penguin gets caught in a whirlpool or something. Sakura’s brother Touya who happened to be working then saved both the woman and the penguin. Back at home Sakura tells Kero about the incident, suggesting that it may have been a Clow Card. (more…)

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Card Captor Sakura Ep 2: Two Heads are Better than One

Tomyo is more fascinated than surprised.

Sakura discovers that her best friend Tomyo actually caught her on tape using FLY the previous night. She has no choice but to explain the situation. The day after that, mysterious things start to happen at their school. Piles and piles of desks and other things are stacked up outside and in the classrooms. Keroberos tells them they need (more…)