My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 9: Amazing character development

…Why do I like this?
………. Why am I deeply enjoying this?

I know Ayase barely shows up in this episode, but I just found she was so pretty, I had to put her there.

This week we witness Kirino’s character evolve and level up a thousand times, and that’s not including the mind blowing Super Saiyan transformations that happen in her head. Yep, Kirino finally realizes she likes Kyousuke. (more…)


The World Only God Knows Episode 8: A normal day in the Katsuragi family…

Yep, this week well it was last week because I’m really late, sorry about that, anyways I’ll leave it at that was another of those in-between episodes showing off Elci’s cuteness, Keima’s heartlessness and Keima’s mom’s…Nakedness? Yeah… That kinda screwed me over, but then again I’m a girl and don’t get turned on when I see boobs… Anyways, on with the summary trying out a new style of writing too, so we’re all going to be living a new experience together =D Ok, I shut up.
This week we witness how a regular day in the Katsuragi family goes by, from each and every point of view of the characters. (more…)

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Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep 9: False Confessions


A wandering soul (it isn’t a spirit so I’m calling it that!) that isn’t considered a spirit that listens to girls who asks about how their lover or crush feels towards them. The poor soul isn’t able to contain all this emotions and goes out of control. The only way to stop it and help it move on is a valid love confession.

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MM! Ep 9: So boring it wasn't even funny…

What she said.

It’s time for the cultural festival! The Volunteer Club sets up a stall in hopes of advertising. Instead of people checking them out, they end up recieving a threat letter, where Mio and Tarou head out to investigate.
I will be covering the episode this week since Myst got her hands full with her final exams around the corner this week and the following. I would like her to keep focus on that since I don’t have any exams to worry about. Unfortunately I wasn’t pleased how it turned out. (more…)

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My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 8: Kirino discovers the *AHEM*joys of anime production

I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I failed in my predictions. Oh well.
This week was intense. It was epic and I loved the reality that was put into this. The seriousness of the episode kinda surprised me, but it was great. Although it’s incest, so far this show is definitely one of the best this season. (more…)


Kuragehime Ep 6: Poor poor Shuu…


Kuranosuke gives everyone (except for Chieko) a makeover and decides to take them out to a cafe. In the mean time Shuu finds himself kidnapped drugged by Shouko and stuck in a situation of her molesting him – or so that what she has him believe. Also bits of the truth about Kuranosuke’s mother!


Otome Yokai Zakuro Ep 8: Cue to the Development

Agemaki and Susukihotaru run into each other while each doing different errands. While heading over to drop of the once cursed katana at Orikata’s shop, they enemies that they ran into at the party throw mysterious dust onto them, causing them to fall unconscious and captured them as hostages to lure Zakuro to their location. Riken and Zakuro decides to team up in order to save their friends.

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